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    Chairman & MD of Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited, Mr. Arun Lakhani addresses the audience at the the 4th Annual Conference on Sewage And Wastewater Treatment by India Infrastructure. This conference happened on April 26-27, 2016 at the Le Meridien, New Delhi. The focus of the conference was to analyse trends & developments in India’s sewerage system, discuss the new government programmes, highlight opportunities and challenges. The conference also showcased successful projects, technologies and best practices. Here’s what he has to say. According to Mr. Arun Lakhani there is an urgency to have an influx of drinking water. Like today in Maharashtra we see a truck load of water is being sent for drinking purposes. Section 144 needs to be implemented to protect the water tankers from people. This situation needs to be introspected and we need to understand why we are faced with these water problems. India fortunately has an abundance of natural resources. We have more than 100 billion cubic meter of usable water. Maybe it’s distributed unevenly across our geography, considering we are a large country. So, we may have larger rainfall in some countries and scarcity in other areas. But still we are not a country which should reach to a situation where we have to have our society live by train load of water. We have gone wrong somewhere and we need to rectify this situation and particularly looking at sewage as a resource for water and not just as waste water that we need to treat. When we were at the time of independence we were a 37% crore now we are 120 crore. We were pre – dominantly agricultural economy now we are industry and service industry economy. We were pre – dominantly rural but we are now 37% urban and growing fast. Due to this situation in our society, we are pumping out 38,000 million liters per day of sewage untreated into nature. 21% of diseases are water borne. All the lakes, river (surface water) etc are polluted. The down streams of the large cities particularly, if you see the water treatment plant intake parameter. They almost resemble sewage water parameters. If we make a rule all the towns will lift water from their downstream and not upstream then we’ll realize what we are doing to nature, our society and our country. I strongly believe we need a sustainable urban water management. Distribution 24x7 water supply, pressurized water systems give a way to healthy and safe water to the citizens. For instance in Nagpur 24x7 we are doing this whole cycle. Source, treatment, distribution and sewage are important. Sewage treatment even in the towns it can be lifted from the open nallas and not allow it to just got through and go to the rivers, or the lakes or nature. Till be become very robust as an economy we will have to create a source of revenue for this sewage treatment within the cycle of urban water management. If we have rules that sewage treated water will be given priority by thermal power stations, by industry, by gardening, etc we will be able to generate revenue out of this water. We need to start working sewage water treatment in our nation for a more sustainable living.

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    Mr. Arun Lakhani a man with a great vision and a forward thinker makes India proud as a nation. India has vast requirement of Infrastructure building and improvement. Vishvaraj Infrastructure Ltd, which is heading Orange City Waters – Nagpur’s core Water Supply Manager, has managed to bring some moments of proud to the city. In the recently held World Water Leadership Congress and Awards in Mumbai, the company headed by Arun Lakhani has managed to make the cut with two prestigious awards. While Arun Lakhani, Chairman and Managing Director, Vishvaraj Infrastructure Ltd has been individually honoured with World Water Leadership Awards for his Outstanding Contribution towards Water, his company Vishvaraj Infrastructure bagged the award for Best Water Reuse Project.

    The Social Entrepreneur Arun Lakhani

    A company that is truly ahead of its time, it needs a man who will take the company there. Mr. Arun Lakhani, chairman and managing director of Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited (VIL) has had such a vision. In his own words, his vision for VIL India is “Making positive changes to the lives of individuals, society and environment at large, by creating a socially responsible enterprise”.

    It is time for the mining industry and government to find a common ground and work hand-in-hand,” informs Vaikundarajan.

    Jakarta government has decided to issue a government regulation on mining to expedite the resolution of issues faced in the mining sector,” says Vaikundarajan, founder of VV Minerals India, one of the largest mining companies in the country.

    Smart Water Management by Arun Lakhani

    Nagpur’s smart water management also known as Nagpur 24x7 is an example for other cities across India. A special train carried around five lakh litres of water for parched Latur in Maharashtra’s Marathwada region in April this year. The first batch of 10 wagons, each with a capacity of around 50,000 litres, travelled a distance of around 350 kilometres to reach their destination where water was stored in a well located near the Latur railway station. While these steps are necessary, such measures might not have been required in the first place had these cities managed their water systems well. And with the smart cities list being announced, it’s time these cities took a smart look at their water management systems.

    Involving people and to see their problems from their point of view, is a key factor for the sustainable growth in Water Sector especially through PPP. Therefore the concept of citizen engagement came into existence through various platforms. We are emphasizing on communicating with all stakeholders for all our projects in the water sector.

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