A wedding party is not worth enjoying if there is no music. And music is not enjoyed the classical style anymore with background hum of classical tunes played. Rather music is now enjoyed with beats and thumps. The modern wedding party goers love DJ music. A jockey essentially has to play the music to give you the best mix of the modern hip hops, rocks, street mixes, Bollywood classic and dance numbers etc. You won’t mind if songs are played in parts and fragments, but all you would love is to get a perfect mix of the best dance numbers assimilated to give you a great compilation, which won’t let your hips and legs stop moving. Hence hiring Bollywood DJs is not just a craze but a requirement these days. How to select a good DJ? Though people invest a lot on DJ music, the right kind of investment is not done by all, thus resulting in utter disappointment. If you are seeing some advertisement of a group playing DJ music, then just don’t jump in to book them for the wedding event at your house. Rather ask them for a demo, and
take feedback from people who hired them earlier. Not all DJs have a great stock of music, and often one would turn you down during the event by saying that they don’t have the song you requested. Instead of facing such rejections and shame in front of your guests, you better hire wedding DJs who have some reputation. Don’t forget the dance floor While you are planning the best music for the wedding, don’t forget the dance floor. As you give the best music for your guests to dance and break heels, you must also arrange for the right dance floor to give them the perfect ambience. LED dance floors are available for hire, in most cases from the same source where you get the DJs on hire. Hence your searches for both great music and a rocking lighted dance floor can meet at one place, and you can easily decorate the wedding or party venue in great style. Blog Resource From:- https://calibarblog.wordpress.com/2017/03/17/arrange-your-party-with-great-led-lit-dance-floors-and-dj-music/