Once you know the secret to store tea leaves the best way, you would enjoy every sip of tea made with the well stored leaves. Many people grumble that the tea they bought from the last losse thee kopen, was not as good as expected. Many people complain of the bad odor, foul odor, or in fact odorlessness of the tea leaves and the resultant cup of tea. All these complaints actually come for no good reason. And that is for the poor practice of storing the loose tea leaves in incompatible containers. You cannot keep tea leaves in just any container. And if you do so, then even the costliest leaves will also lose the flavor before time. Hence you must know how to preserve the tea leaves, and keep them in best flavor and condition for long. The better you shelve them, the more you enjoy your cups. Wood and metal Tea leaves are best stored in wooden boxes and metal containers. Containers made of stainless steel are great for storing the loose tea leaves. And if your container
is a tight mouthed one it will retain the aroma, and will also be a great way to carry the leaves anywhere you go. Tea lovers, who love to drink tea of a specific brand or mixture proportion actually loves or prefers carrying their leaves wherever they go. A small gift box for carrying the tea leaves or a small steel container can be a great way to always keep the handbag loaded with some tea leaves. This will help you enjoy your favorite tea wherever you go without affecting its aroma for storing. Wood is the best option followed by metal. If you can use a wooden box then that will be the best. Else a stainless steel container or aluminum box will be great. Conclusion Whichever container you choose, always keep in mind that the leaves must be kept away from heat, light, oxygen, moisture and strong odor substances as much as possible with tight mouthed Theeblik or vessel that does not allow air or light from outside. Blog Resource From:- https://olijfsite.wordpress.com/2017/03/17/enjoy-tea-when-leaves-are-stored-the-best/