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The days of merchants being held to ransom with high a MSC based on high interchange rates and blended processing fees are numbered, soon there will be simpler and more convenient solutions, with reasonable fees and great customer service, says Anderson Zaks

Dynama, a leading provider of workforce deployment and resource optimisation software, has announced the publication of a new White Paper entitled 'Scheduling in Dynamic Environments'.

Thomas Rodseth at Puzzel looks at how, why and where to start with AI

The second corruption trial vote against President Michel Temer was rejected this week by the House of Representatives. in spite of that, the number of votes in favor of the President (251 votes) is not enough to approve major reforms announced by the Government (minimum of 308 votes required). in this scenario where the President has reduced political support, the leadership of the Speaker of the House Rep. Rodrigo Maia emerges to shape up the political agenda.

Beyond Spots & Dots is pleased to congratulate Agency Founder and President, Melanie Querry, for being recognized with the Entrepreneurial Achievement Award during the 2017 Junior Achievement Spirit of Enterprise Dinner & Award Ceremony.

Growth accelerates as demand for Secure Mobile communications increases across Government and Enterprise

Mason Color Works is a leading manufacturer and global provider of high temperature inorganic pigments, coatings, stains and investment castings.

Beyond Spots & Dots was recognized for platinum and gold MarCom awards for excellence in multiple categories.

Eighteen billboards have been planned to be erected across Sioux Falls, starting on Monday, November 6, 2017. Five static billboards have been erected on West 12th, 2 digital boards on South Cliff Ave, and 1 digital billboard Minnesota Ave., with another 5 more static billboards to be erected along Minnesota Avenue on November 20th, 2017. The billboards, funded through a local non-theistic (atheist, agnostic, humanist and freethinker) and secular-friendly group—the Sioux Falls Atheists—deliver timely and poignant messages regarding religions' indoctrinating children against scientific discourse and facts with anti-science claims such as there is no such thing as evolution, the planet Earth is only 6,000 years old, or that dinosaurs and human beings lived at the same time.

South Texas Atheists for Reason (STAR) are excited to announce an atheists' comedy show fundraiser this coming Friday, November 10, 2017. The event takes place at 10pm Central Time at The Blind Tiger Comedy Club, 902 NE Loop 410 (Inside the Magic Time Machine), in San Antonio, Texas.

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