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Branding and creating a brand identity have become integral part of any business – whether it is for a small business or a big one. There are many ways in which this can be established.

The holiday season is the time of the year for which everyone waits eagerly. It is the time of happiness, joyfulness, festivity, getting together, meeting friends and family, gifts and so on.

Getting to more and more numbers of customers and clients is becoming easier with the many modes and tools that are available today.

Embroidery on garments was done as a part of décor in clothes. However, presently embroidery is also done on corporate and business apparel for customization. Demands of custom embroidered apparel are not only in the business sector, but also for casual purposes. Many people look to embroider garments for special events and occasions and make it special. Infact with demands of customized and personalized gifts increasing globally, embroidery options are being highly preferred. For casual occasions, various kinds of designs are made on garments with embroidery. Different kinds of threads are used in creating different kinds of designs on apparels.

T-shirts are among the most commonly adorned apparels by both men and women. Custom tees are high in demands these days as these help in making a great fashion and style statement. There are many ways of customizing and personalizing t-shirts. Graphical representation, images and even texts are the most common ways of working on a t-shirt and making them attractive. It is quite interesting to see that many designers are using their creativity and innovation to create attractive designs for t-shirts and other garments. Mentioned below are some great tips which can help in preparing excellent artwork for t-shirt printing: • All the texts need to be converted to outlines Fonts play an important role in designing. Highly creative designers might create a font, which is custom designed. Again there are some obscure fonts, which are used in the design too. While sending the design for printing, you might find that the font has been replaced by something else. Therefore, it is always recommend converting the texts into outlines. As a result, the font or artwork will be visible as an image and there will be no need of any substitutions while creating custom printed t-shirts. • Try using PMS colors in the artwork Generally designers and creative workers do majority of their artwork in CMYK and RGB color modes. However, if a silk screener is used for printing the designs on a t-shirt and accurate colors are looked forward to, it is best to try and use PMS colors in the design and artwork. In this color setup, making color separations is easier and the work is also done with high accuracy and precision. Accurate color tones can be obtained with this kind of color setup and you can try more innovations and creativity. • Using vector artworks is highly suggested Whenever vector artworks are recommended, a comparison comes up for using raster artworks. No comparison is intended here as it is just a suggestion for using vector artworks. The greatest advantage of using this kind of artwork is that color separations become easier and the print comes as clean and clearer with the minutest of details in place. Try this kind of artwork and you can see the differences on your own. • Create the artwork in final size This is one of the most common issues which are seen with printing designs on the t-shirts and other garments. Experts opine not to trust the judgment of the printer as they might not get the print in the right size and jeopardize the whole image. The vision of the designer might not be understood by the printer. Therefore the safest thing is to create the artwork in the actual size in which you need it to be printed. This will help in avoiding any kind of confusion for the printer and the designer. There are many online as well as offline stores, from where you can get high quality custom graphic printed tshirts done at reasonable rates. 3nuts is a renowned and trusted company in this regard.

Businesses look for constant expansion and for that proper promotions and marketing strategies have to be adopted.

Marketing is an important part of every business venture. Companies and businesses use various kinds of strategies and plans for successful business promotions.

Corporate uniforms have become pretty common in many organizations off late. They are mainly in the form of t-shirts and shirts.

It is quite interesting to note that demands and craze of personalized t-shirts are increasing among people.

Craze of personalized t-shirts is on the rise. These serve as excellent gift items for friends and family for various occasions.

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