John Dugan

John Dugan is a respected professional author who is noted for his contributions to a variety of news organizations, magazines and websites. His most recent work includes extensive writing concerning current research on men’s health issues.
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When Tumescence Dysfunction Strikes a Young Guy

No man wants to be face-to-face with tumescence dysfunction, but it can be especially disheartening to a young man. There can be any number of reasons for the condition.

Workout Tips to Help Avoid Member Pain

A good workout can sometimes lead to a chafed male organ, which certainly isn’t a good result. Here’s how to prevent member pain before the workout even begins.

Member Sensitivity Tips: Dealing with Diabetes

Member sensitivity should always be protected. That’s especially true when a man suffers from diabetes. Here’s how to ensure the male organ stays as sensitive as possible.

Guys who want to be the picture of health may want to make sure that self-pleasuring is part of their health routine. There are numerous health benefits to engaging in a little self-gratification.

The Biggest Myths about Manhood Health

The male organ is fascinating, and as such, there are numerous myths floating around out there. Here’s what a man needs to know about true manhood health.

Why the Itchy Member? Could Be Thrush

There are numerous possible causes of an itchy member. When thrush is responsible the urge to itch can be overwhelming. Take steps to avoid this situation.

Member Sounding: How to Preserve Male Organ Health

Many men will go to great lengths to find the ultimate pleasure. This might include things that could eventually lead to manhood pain. When trying out member sounding, men should keep safety in mind.

A tumescent manhood is necessary for sensual fun, and there are any number of sensual games that can be built around that manhood and its partners in play.

Loss of Male Organ Sensitivity: Some Helpful Tips

Proper male organ sensitivity is crucial for a man to get the most enjoyment and stimulation out of sensual activity, whether alone or with a partner. Some easy tips can help deal with this issue.

Manhood Skin Care Tips When in the Shower

Hopping into the shower on a regular basis is a good way to help keep manhood skin nice and healthy. But there are tips that can make showering even more effective.

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