John Dugan

John Dugan is a respected professional author who is noted for his contributions to a variety of news organizations, magazines and websites. His most recent work includes extensive writing concerning current research on men’s health issues.
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Try These Sore Member Prevention Tips

Is there any guy who says, “Gee, I like having a sore member?” Not likely, which is why practicing some sensible prevention tips can keep that soreness away.

Protect Manhood Sensitivity During Summertime Fun

Proper care for delicate male organ skin can help ensure the best manhood sensitivity, even during the dog days of summer. Here’s how to protect it.

Dealing with Obesity: Maintaining Good Member Care

Every man has good member care in mind. That care might need a little extra attention if a man is also dealing with obesity. Here’s what every man needs to know.

Most of the time, self-pleasuring is a solo activity men enjoy in private. But sometimes a couple might be interested in putting a little mutual self-pleasuring into their sensual lives.

Avoid Manhood Pain by Using the Right Lubricant

Even if a man has had sensual activity with a partner for a long time, some manhood pain may result if insufficient lubricant is used. Knowing which lubricant to choose is also important.

Men who are suffering from prostate cancer might have to undergo prostate removal. These tips can help a man maintain the best member health possible after surgery.

What kind of effect do tablets have on a tumescent manhood? Inappropriate tablet use can damage the member and create tumescence problems most men want to avoid.

Can a Bent Member Cause Tumescence Issues?

A bent member may not be a big deal to many, but in some cases the curvature can be extreme – and in rare cases, that may contribute to slight tumescence issues.

Manhood Facts? Or Manhood Myths?

Because they are the proud owner of a male organ, many guys think they know all the manhood facts. But do they know which ones are really member myths?

Can X-rays Cause a Red Member?

Next time a guy is getting a high-dose of x-rays from a medical test, he may want to make sure his midsection is covered. Red member burn is theoretically possible from x-rays.

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