John Dugan

John Dugan is a respected professional author who is noted for his contributions to a variety of news organizations, magazines and websites. His most recent work includes extensive writing concerning current research on men’s health issues.
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What’s Causing that Fishy Member Odor?

When a man is dealing with a strong, fishy member odor, it might put a quick halt to his intimate life. Understanding where it comes from – and even the infections that might cause it – can help a guy eliminate the member odor.

Male Organ Facts for Women

Many women may encounter a number of manhoods in their lives, but that doesn’t mean they know all the male organ facts. Learning about male equipment can be handy for women.

A man who is serious about manhood health will also be serious about choosing the best sensual protection. Here’s what every man needs to know.

Got a Cut on the Member? Here’s Why

Sometimes a man can face the strange situation of mystery manhood cuts. Where in the world do these sudden injuries come from?

Some Manhood Bumps Could Be Syringomas

Add syringomas to the rather lengthy list of possible causes of manhood bumps. These flesh-colored bumps can appear anywhere on the body, including on the male organ.

No guy wants to have a problem with his male organ function, but such occasions do occur. Some scientists recommend treating tumescence dysfunction with shockwaves, currently an experimental therapy.

What Every Man Needs to Know about Member Cancer

A man who has male organ sores, bumps or lesions might wonder if he’s dealing with member cancer. It’s important that every man know the warning signs of this very serious problem.

Keeping Male Organ Odor from Ruining a Date

When a guy has a big date, whether with an established partner or a tempting new prospect, the last thing he wants is strong male organ odor to ruin the whole evening.

Handling an Itchy Male Organ on Vacation

When a guy is on vacation and having a grand old time, he doesn’t want to worry about an itchy male organ. Taking some precautions can help ward off unwanted itchiness.

Solutions for Raw, Red Manhood Skin

Sometimes, a little bit of raw, red manhood skin might seem inevitable. Though a man might not always be able to avoid the irritation, he can certainly use a plethora of home remedies to help cure the problem.

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