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An Own Goal Cost Player His Life

There is always a winner and a loser in a football match. The result should be accepted with good grace. However, for some, loss is unpardonable and they are prepared to do everything to take revenge on the person who is considered the culprit for the loss. It happened to Columbia international Andres Escobar. All major Hindi news media covered the incident back in 1994.

Gone are those days when the players and the clubs used to be loyal to each other for their entire careers. These days, loyalty has taken a backseat due to monopoly of sugar daddies in the transfer market. Several Hindi news articles have covered the issue and this write-up tries to delve deep into the incidence and impact of sugar daddies’ entrance into the football transfer market.

Neymar – Rise of Superstar

Neymar is a player of substance. The winger comes from Brazil which is better known as the land of Samba, great beaches and football. Here is an article to track the rise of that great player expected to deliver better than his best performance in coming days.

There are some footballers who are extremely popular for their distinct style and skill. They are master of the game. Football fanatics are always crazy to know about their favorite footballer’s lifestyle, fashion statement and charity work. No matter how much we know about them, there are always more to what is already known.

5 Unknown Facts about Barcelona

Barcelona is not only an elite side in La Liga but also a name to reckon with respect in the entire football world. Here are some unknown FC Barcelona facts for the club fans and football lovers.

Web designers, we tend to think that our only job is to create something aesthetically appealing and naturally differentiable with a clear message for the audience. However, this is not the complete picture of sense of duty a designer has to perform. The different frame here is that the design you are creating has to pass through the algorithms of a coded system prior to reaching the real humans.

Being a famous football player has its responsibilities as well. They have to play their best in the field and at the same time maintain an image as well. While their skill is the first thing that you need, they also have to show their humble side to their fans. Some do it just to earn more fame and some do it just because they love to do it. For the second group, it is just like giving something back to the society. Here are some of the well-known footballers who are into charity work.

Features and benefits of R4 3DS cards

One of the most popular storage devices for the Nintendo DS is the R4 Cards. The Nintendo users use this R4 card all over the world. For different models, there are different R4 cards. The Nintendo has the original DS model, the DSI XL model, the DSI model, the DS Lite model and even the advanced 3DS.

Footballers are known to exhibit impressive performances in the field and are driven by absolute courage and passion. They display skills which impress people from all over the world and apart from winning hearts; these icons become the role models for many people. Well, not only these players are good on the field but are equally equipped with stylish looks to fall for. Most of the players are offered modelling contracts from various agencies to endorse various brands.

Top goal scorers of yester years

Football has always been a sport which displays passion, determination and enthusiasm. Being one of the most influential sports in the world, it has seen the inception of some of the greatest legends in this industry. Players have players with their hearts and have scored plenty of goals which have given them a place in the record charts.

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