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10 Different Ways to Maintain Dental Braces
Willie Anderson
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By Willie Anderson
Published on 02/13/2018
The main function of braces is to maintain the quality of teeth to stay healthy and well maintained by flattening the teeth by using braces. According to the type of bracket, the part attached to the braces can be seen and can also be invisible.

10 Different Ways to Maintain Dental Braces

The main function of braces is to maintain the quality of teeth to stay healthy and well maintained by flattening the teeth by using braces. According to the type of bracket, the part attached to the braces can be seen and can also be invisible.

Treatment for braces should be more intensive, if you are lazy to brush teeth and clean teeth will affect the health of teeth and mouth. First it will form dental plaque. This plaque layer is full of tooth bacteria becomes yellow. Next will be a black 'tartar' (caries). Laziness will make usage longer than specified.

Treatment while wearing braces

1. Brush your teeth.

Users of braces should use a special toothbrush. This special toothbrush is small and very fluffy. Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day or after eating and drinking sweet. Replace toothbrush periodically.

Brush your teeth vertically and horizontally so that the dirt between the teeth and wire can be cleaned. Brush your teeth twice by turning and slowly.

The first is without toothpaste; its function is to remove the remnants of food stuck in the toothbrush or on the sidelines of the tooth. Second clean it with a toothbrush brush. But if the braces are removable, then unplug the braces and then brush your teeth as usual. Next clean the braces.

2. Dental floss.

Dental floss is also much needed that is useful for reaching the tooth gaps so as to prevent the formation of plaque and tartar. Because braces users are more at risk of tartar if not cleaned thoroughly.

3. Toothpaste

Use sensitive toothpaste or toothpaste for braces, this toothpaste will help relieve artistic pain in the teeth and prevent canker sores.

The content in orthodontic toothpaste (especially for braces) and regular toothpaste is also different. Sensitive toothpaste contains potassium nitrate or arginine that can reduce sensitivity in the teeth.

4. Using Mouthwash.

Once done brushing your teeth and cleaning your teeth using a special tool to clean the braces, use mouthwash to clean the mouth thoroughly. Mouthwash will flow between teeth that cannot be reached by toothbrush and dental floss to kill bacteria.

Simply pour the mouthwash according to the dosage. Gargle for 1 minute. Then remove it from the mouth. And do not swallow it. Use mouthwash regularly every day after an evening toothbrush.

5. Paracetamol.

Paracetamol is needed as a painkiller to relieve pain in the mouth. But for the use of certain times just not for routine.

This medicine should only be consumed if there is a doctor's advice. Consume paracetamol sufficiently, because if excessive it will actually be bad.

6. Orthodontic Wax.

Sometimes wire length increases due to the influence of tooth shifts. If this happens there is a wire attached or disturbing the gums and walls of the mouth, immediately contact your orthodontist.

Do not fix it yourself, because lack of knowledge about teeth will actually exacerbate the condition of teeth. Generally this situation will be felt by the braces users who are close to the neat stage.

However, temporarily use orthodontic wax to seal the wire so as not to aggravate the condition.

7. Vitamin C Consumption.

Usually orthodontic experts will suggest increasing the consumption of vitamin C and D to strengthen teeth and gumsm, because friction from braces and mouth walls will have the potential for canker sores.

Braces on the inside tip of the mouth can sometimes pierce the wall of the mouth due to the shift of the teeth so that the end of the wire becomes longer. So it is advisable to consume lots of vitamin C.

It is also advisable to consume milk that contains a lot of calcium as the function of milk to strengthen teeth and gums due to shifts that occur.

8. Be careful with your foods.

Hard food will damage the teeth especially exposed directly in braces. This will make the wire shift and damage the braces. Do not eat fruit directly bitten with teeth. Cut first the hard foods before eating them. This will help to reduce the risk of breakage of braces.

9. Gargling with Water.

After eating, clean the leftovers with a toothpick or gargle with water. Or it could also with water mimun as usual.

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Drinking water after eating will cleanse the mouth from substances that can invite bacteria and make the mouth feel sour. Gargle the water after eating also helps to knock out the leftovers tucked between the wire and teeth.

10. Eat Strawberry.

Eating fruits and vegetables such as strawberries in the morning, is very good for strengthening teeth and gums. Simply chew the strawberry fruit and let a few minutes, then swallow or remove from the mouth, and clean your mouth with mouthwash.