Apple is differentiating its tablet lineup from its smartphone lineup. More power being added to the iPad could also open up new features such as running multiple apps side-by-side. But Apple made just about every single part of the iPad experience better with the Air 2, which is why it is the only full-sized iPad to get my 5-star rating. What is noticeable is the new anti-reflective coating, which leads the industry for tablets and makes outdoor use easier. In fact, the iPad Air 2 was twice as efficient in this category as the best of the competition. While all eyes were on the iPad Pro, Apple also announced a brand new iPad Mini. While the iPad Mini 4 only took up a few sentences in Apple's presentation, it represents a significant jump for fans of the 7.9-inch iPad. It also completely replaces the iPad Mini 3, which is no longer for sale on Apple's website. It is not a major surprise Apple didn't take much time announcing the iPad Mini 4. It doesn't need a lot of explaining to the tech-savvy crowd. When you meet this powerful 7.9-inch iPad, is it still worth to buy? The iPad Mini is an iPad... Only Smaller One common misconception about the iPad Mini 4 is that of a tradeoff in performance. While the iPad Pro is by far the fastest, most powerful iPad, the iPad Mini 4 and the iPad Air 2 are very similar in terms of performance. The iPad Mini 4 uses the same 64-bit A8 processor found in the iPhone 6, which puts it in the same ballpark as the iPad Air 2. The biggest difference between the two is the iPad Air 2's A8X processor use of three core processors compared to the dual-core of the A8, which will make the Air 2 faster at multitasking. The iPad Mini 4 also matches the iPad Air 2's 2 GB of RAM memory for applications. Feature for feature, the iPad Mini 4 is an iPad Air 2 except for size and the slight trade off in performance. This includes the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and even the 2048x1536 resolution "Retina Display". In fact, that Retina Display is actually a little sharper because the smaller screen gives it a higher pixel density. The iPad Mini 4 also has an edge over other 7-inch tablets. The 7.9-inch iPad Mini 4 may seem like it only adds an extra .9 of an inch, that small increase of size actually amounts to about 35% more usable space on the tablet's display. Where the iPad Mini 4 Shines
The iPad Mini 4 offers a great degree of mobility, fitting into a woman's purse or sliding into the side pocket of a backpack. It is also much easier to hold and operate with one hand, giving you a hand free and much more freedom to walk-and-use. If you are more comfortable typing with two thumbs rather than your fingertips, you can really go to town on the smaller on-screen keyboard. The 7-inch tablets tend to be really good at media consumption, and the iPad Mini is no different. It makes the perfect eReader, with access to several different eBook stores including iBooks and Amazon's Kindle store. The 7-inch form is great for lying in bed reading a book or watching movies. In the previous part, I believe you have a clear understanding of the performance and shining points about the iPad mini 4. Would you like to buy it? If your iPad mini 4 touch screen was broken or cracked, which options would you like to choose to deal with it? I know the feeling when this bad news came out. However, you need to find a proper solution to deal with it. Replacing a touch screen or buy a completely new one? Cannot decide? Let me analyze the situations and the proper solutions to tackle this issue well. The iPad requires input from the digitizer in order to boot completely. Failure to receive digitizer input renders the iPad unable to boot and it gets stuck at the Apple boot logo. What can be done to resolve this issue? First of all, it is important to ensure that the digitizer you are using is a genuine OEM product; that is, it has been manufactured by Apple or its affiliates for your specific iPad model. Using cheap or counterfeit digitizers is a sure-fire way of causing touch screen problems. If you are already using a genuine digitizer, make sure that it is undamaged and free of defects; particularly the flex cable. If you can see missing gold pins in the connector of the digitizer, it is a sign that the digitizer has been damaged. There is a location on the bottom housing of the iPad for the flex cable; make sure the flex cable securely sits in this area. The iPad Mini 4 touch screen is made from high-premium materials. We offer the Grade O+ touch screen digitizer replacement. It means that if you have any further questions, we have a 180 days money back warranty. The iPad Mini 4 LCD digitizer replacement is compatible with all iPad 4 models.