Thousands of travelers from around the world visit here with the help of Yangon city tours every year to witness Myanmar's beautiful exquisiteness. Being the largest country in mainland Southeast Asia,with 678,500 square kilometers, Myanmar surely has the most number of beautiful places in the world. A few days visit in this stunning Asian country is are warding journey. There are countless places in myanmar travel where most travelers love to visit with the help of Asia International Link Travel and Tour Co.,Ltd. Yangon, also known as Rangoon which is the country's capital has one of the best places to visit in Myanmar.

Here are some of the best places to visit with the help of Yangon city tours:

Shwedagon Pagoda

Located in Yangon, Myanmar; considered as the most famous building in the city for its unique cone-shaped features. This is thought to be the most sacred Buddhist pagoda for the Burmese people. Its unusual golden-colored appearance makes it even more fascinating. Constructed way back between 6th and 10th century by the Mons; an ethnic group from Myanmar. Buddhists come here and perform their religious rituals. Tourists come here to witness the outstanding beauty of this one-of-kind structure.

Dusit Inya Lake

An attractive lake resort located at Kaba Aye,Pagoda road Yangon, just 15 minutes from the city center - a place to relax and relish the magnificent beauty of Myanmar. There are several resorts and hotels around the lake to choose from, where you can spend luxurious and calm relaxation. The sunset by the lake is the most witnessed attraction in Dusit Inya Lake, where people can view the brilliant radiance sundown, which is a perfect place to go after a whole day trip to Yangon.

Myanmar National Museum

Located in Pyay Road, Yangon Myanmar. The museum holds Myanmar's

historic collectibles and artifacts, including Myanmar's "Royal Throne", the bronze statues of Myanmar's founders of its kingdom, namely King Bayinnaung;founder of Myanmar's first kingdom, King Anawrahta; founder of Myanmar's secondkingdom, and King Alaung Min Tayar founder of Myanmar's third kingdom. Plus,visitors can take a glimpse of Myanmar's national artifacts including their collections of fine artworks made from pure gold.

Chaung Thar Beach

A recently opened beach in Myanmar located just about 6 hours drive from Yangon central. It has a breath-taking view of the Myanmar coastline, with cool relaxing breeze where visitors can relax and unwind. Morning tides here are truly refreshing, which tourists will surely love. In line with bungalow rentals from around the beach coast where visitors can have a place to stay and rest. There are also shops in a nearby village where people can buy souvenirs and other marine life products such as fancy jewelry made from seashells and ocean pearls.

These are just among him best places to visit in Yangon, Myanmar. Visitors may feel free to discover the wonders Yangon city tour has to offer.