Apple’s AirPods is a wireless headset, released at Apple autumn new conference in Beijing on September 8, 2016 when the iPhone 7 was also announced. In early December, repeatedly bounced the Apple Airpods Bluetooth headset finally officially launched and began shipping one after another. As the iPhone 7 canceled the 3.5mm standard headphone jack, AirPods no doubt is the best match. Main features Apple AirPods wireless headset built-in infrared sensor which can automatically identify whether the headset is automatically played inside ear, double-click to control Siri control. Life time is 5 hours, wearing headset will automatically play music, beam microphone is better. Charging box supports 24 hours battery life, the connection is very simple, just need to open so that the iPhone can automatically identify. AirPods need to match the Mac computer of above macOS 10.12, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch of above iOS 10, or Apple Watch of above watchOS 3 to use. AirPods Wireless Bluetooth Headset utilizes Apple's special close-up pairing software and user's iCloud account for seamless connectivity with laptops. Appearance and packaging I believe that after a look at the packaging, even if the above "gap Apple" was covered out, the vast majority of people can see it is Apple's things at a glance. Since the iPhone first debuted in 2007, such as Apple's minimalist packaging has been popular. For many of these manufacturers is also trying to imitate this type of packaging, that is, in the beginning of the user's hand to bring out enough charming. White rounded matchbox shape device is the AirPods charging box (headset inside). AirPods are compatible with Mac (macOS 10.12), iOS devices (iOS 10) and Apple Watch (watch OS3), which use standard Bluetooth enhance technology and Apple's unique near-field matching technology, through iCloud seamlessly connect to your Notebook, iPhone and even Apple Watch. Of course, it is also compatible with the standard Bluetooth protocol, Android mobile phone can also use it, but the match does not reach the best level of smoothness. The main body of the headset is still the continuation of Apple white headphones, which is Earpods style. But in the small details of the AirPods there are two more holes (for the sensor), which and built-in sensors for the AirPods bring two relatively useful features of innovation: gesture touch recognition (currently only supports double click to call Sir or pause / play music) and wear state recognition, when listening to music taking the headphones off will automatically pause playback.; inside thread built in battery, so the body become more thicker; vent control part of the opening compared to EarPods looks also bigger, I believe AirPods sound will also change. On box there is power indicator (green for the high point,
orange power for middle, red for low power). Two AirPods headphones are charged by metal shock at the bottom of the charging box. The microphone is hidden below handle. AirPods in sound processing technology also has a lot of unique, borrowed a sound accelerometer and beam forming microphone. The headphones can correctly understand the user's current state, in order to reduce the noise interference. The actual call quality effect is also OK, on the bus on the background noise suppression effect is obvious, the voice did not produce much distortion, roughly equivalent with the iPhone 6 call quality. Trial experience: wearing AirPods equipped with W1 chip customized by Apple for the Bluetooth audio (own Beats), not only can use the traditional "Bluetooth adapter" way to connect, but also can through iCloud and iPhone and Macbook for fast match, the smooth degree of adaptation really is fast and stable. There is also a worth mentioning that, because you can set the headset by using only, or in pairs, so the power of each headset can be detail viewed. On status of AirPods two headphones and charging box, you can directly through the pop-up window to view, conveniently and intuitively. In the intense shaking, AirPods will fall from the ear down, provided that you have to shiver violently. And in shock of relative amplitude is not particularly large, wear for normal walking and in car, AirPods can be good fit ears. And in the feelings of wearing, in fact, AirPods and EarPods are almost the same weight and look, and wearing feeling is also basically the same, a good sense of fit, not oppression. But one key point is that AirPods do not support dustproof and waterproof features, during exercising a little sweat erosion may damage the headset. Trial experience: sound quality Compared to the cable EarPods, AirPods achieved a small improvement in the overall sound. But the sound quality upgrade can’t be regarded as a big promotion of grade, as the overall voice is still Apple sense of American rock style. But the trips of energy distribution are slightly balanced. If the wired EarPods has been able to meet your needs, then on starting of the wireless AirPods, its voice is estimated what you are basically satisfied with. On the whole, its sound quality among the same price items belongs to high level, but not very excellent. The most critical part: whether AirPods is worth buying? Summed up into two suggestions: want to directed at its sound quality, for friends with higher quality requirements, the choice of it is not high cost-efficient, you’d better choose a wired earphone, such as JD88 Stereo Headset 1.2M In-Ear Earphone For Smartphone; on the view of comprehensive performance of a Bluetooth headset, AirPods is "smart", the sound is acceptable, comfortable to wear, speed of connecting to iPhone or Macbook is fast, the two words to describe: simple, easy to use, buy it without loss.