Pharmasynth is one of the leading pharmaceuticals company in India that is dedicated to serve the nation manufacturing quality medicines at affordable prices. The pharma company has two manufacturing units one in Delhi and the other in Haridwar with state of the art manufacturing facilities and expert team of employees who are dedicated in offering world class contamination free medicines to the nation. The company has sophisticated and latest technology equipment and use only best quality inputs like raw materials and packaging materials that need to pass through strangle quality control tests to produce best medicines on par with the international standards. The company takes lot of care in offering in-house training to their staff to ensure they keep in pace with the technological advancements in the industry so that you follow validated methods and drug manufacturing procedures perfectly to bring out cost effective and zero defect products into the market. The company also has a research and development team who focus on the development of new molecules and technical up-gradation enhancing its capabilities in the production of tablets, ointments, capsules, powders, creams, liquid orals, eye and ear drops and many more that are required to serve the ailing people of the nation.

Apart from manufacturing medicines the pharm company also offer their services for contract manufacturing where other pharma companies can use their
state of the art manufacturing facilities for their drug production instead of investing on the manufacturing units. The company ensures they meet the client expectations in manufacturing their medical formulations in best quality and price along with meeting the deadlines. The company also offer PCD pharma services which means that they are into the propaganda and distribution of other company products to promote and market on both the national and international levels. This helps small companies to enhance their business presence on a bigger arena using the services of this PCD pharma company. The company also focus on social activities beyond manufacturing and marketing of drugs into the market. They are focused and dedicated in doing services to the nation beyond making their profits in the industry. This has won them many accolades on both the national and international level for their service orientation towards the society.

The pharma company is not just into manufacturing and distribution of medical products but also do their part to serve the ailing humanity of the nation by producing world class medicines within affordable prices that are accessible to everyone across the country.

Pharmasynth is Top PCD Pharma Franchisee company in Delhi, committed to increase access to high-quality healthcare by developing, producing and marketing affordable drugs. We have a very well designed PCD Pharma program to provide pharma franchisee to our customers.