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Restore-Utah is The Best Place For Real Estate Investment
Restore Utah
Restore Utah is a real estate investment fund and operator focused on Salt Lake County and the greater Wasatch Front. 
By Restore Utah
Published on 10/9/2017

Restore Utah is Investment Company for real estate and it is fully focused on Salt Lake County and Wasatch Front. With help of the leading investors in the country and banking support, it has invested $140mm in residential rental properties. This rental property having both multifamily communities and has 500 single family rentals. It is a robust operating platform works mainly on the following platforms.

  • Restore Utah Construction
  • Rize Property Management
  • Restore Solar

The professionals working in our company is very experienced and team members are very knowledgeable, so only they make our organization in one of the top 50 growth companies in Utah. Restore Utah Real Estate Investment is the investment company working to satisfy the requirements of capital investors. Real Utah was started in 2012, initially; we focused on single-family home rental properties. Our organization is not working on single home rentals properties and has stepping to move to multiple real estate cycle. For each and every deal, our team members are working very hard and giving best output. Restore Utah Salt Lake County Mission is to invest in existing house stock and develop workforce housing. The current focus of the Restore Utah is single and multifamily homes. Our main aim is to provide the house for low and moderate-income families.

The strategy followed by our restore is as follows.

  • Single-family investments
  • Multifamily acquisitions
  • New development

A Single-family investment is a policy mainly focused on getting the single-family homes in Salt lake Davis and Weber countries. As of now, we have acquired 325 home, we will focus to acquire of 300 single family homes. Multifamily Acquisitions was launched in mid of 2013 focused on midsize class B and C multifamily in salt lake, planning to invest $20mm in this multi-family acquisition. New Development has to plan for construction of single and multifamily properties. We are planning to invest the maximum of $20mm in land entitlement and development projects as well as single and multifamily construction. Restore Utah has stepped in the field of construction naming RUC (Restore Utah construction).More than 20 employees are working in RUC and our construction projects mainly focused on residential, commercial and retail sectors. We have renovated more than 200 homes throughout Utah.

RUC trust itself as professional, greater outcome have come because of the following features.

  • The quality provided by our RUC is very high in single-family rental homes compared to others in the market.
  • The plan prepared by our team members is professional in nature and assure to provide expected outcomes.
  • In the high-quality production environment, our professionals are very conscious in budget preparation and delivery will be in the stipulated time.

To know more about Restore Utah Salt Lake County, please contact us (801) 210-7002 or visit our website HERE:

Restore-Utah is The Best Place For Real Estate Investment