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MISP also offer health and safety courses UAE for the
aspirants who are interested to build their career in this domain. These courses help the individuals on how to ensure safety standards at the work place and also react in times of emergencies before medical help arrives. These are mostly one or two day courses which can be enrolled by anyone interested in the health and safety courses training. There are a number of courses in this category like accidents and incidents, fire safety management, occupational health and safety, control of hazardous substances, work place risk assessment etc that are all aimed to enhance the safety standards at the work place and prevent work place accidents. The courses are offered using resources like study material, visual presentation, group exercises, quiz exercises, group discussions and formal assessments for certification in the program. You can go through the course objective, syllabus and the curriculum offered by MISP for the comprehensive health and safety programs that are approved by OSHA to certify the candidate who has successfully completed the course.  

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