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Why Should You Choose Restore-Utah For Your Real Estate Projects?
Restore Utah
Restore Utah is a real estate investment fund and operator focused on Salt Lake County and the greater Wasatch Front. 
By Restore Utah
Published on 08/4/2017

The chess is a mystery game. It requires both art and science skills.An equally aware of strengths and weaknesses of his own position and that of his opponent makes a player alert. Like chess, real estate has a short-term impact and is also a step in positioning for victorious endgame.Real estate is an artful mix requires skills, tactics, and strategies. Real Estate Restore Utah domain covers a lot more space and requires thinking across economic, social, political and technological dimensions.

Jim is president and principal for Restore-Utah where he supervises investing, rehabilitation and leasing activities. Over 25 years of experience in investment , real estate development and consulting had proven him to be securing development rights, skilled at planning and developing real estate projects, completing successful investments and evaluating market conditions. His successful real estate career includes team role management at Kennecott land and Boeing where he particularly performed well. Jim is an MBA holder from Anderson school at UCLA and a BBA in real estate and finance from SMU. Jon Neviaser, General Manager has experience in operation management, business development and sales within real estate and also previously the outdoor industry. He holds BA in science from the University of Vermont.

Housing starts are on the rise again after three years of decline but this growth is coming primarily from multi-residential rather than single family investments. In a single family, investments restore's primary focus the firm acquired investing over $55M, over 325 homes intends service to acquire upwards of 300 homes and targeted large portfolios of a single home. Multifamily acquisitions strategy focused on small to mid-size class B and c multifamily assets throughout the greater Salt Lake.The firm invested $20M in multifamily assets, focussed on rehabbing and repositioning value-added properties. New development restore's principals over 40 years of experience in land entitlement and development. Restore Utah homebuilding firm include Kennecott land, Lennar and catellus residential.It will make selective investments of $2-$20M in projects.

Multi-residential is up 74.5 percent thanks to a large number of projects with residential rental properties performing particularly well. But while housing remains affordable, respondents note that housing starts are expected to slow as homebuilders are back off from new development until the market can absorb excess inventories. Analyses made as per the need that satisfies the millennials factors such as density, diversity, walkability and transit accessibility in location choice for this 83 million –person demographic cohort.

With rental gaining in popularity thanks to rising house prices and demographic shifts, coupled with aging housing stock across the country, the market for purpose-built. As multifamily rentals better than being in years. Our developers and investors keenly sensing the opportunity to get new rental projects, provided economic work.

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Why Should You Choose Restore-Utah For Your Real Estate Projects?