Don’t just follow the crowd and set your sights on buzzing cities like Paris for the Eiffel tower or Amsterdam and its laid back party culture. There are many Europe destinations out there that are off the crowded path. Europe is a unique blend of culture and modernization. Imagine exploring the serene natural beauty of towering mountains or pristine lakes that are uninterrupted and being able to have a cozy fashionable city or town to retreat to where buildings are magnificent in architecture and design.

This is just why so many students study abroad. The only challenge is to pick which city to spend most of the time in. Though the plus about traveling to Europe is that once you reach one destination the rest becomes relatively easy. You can fly/drive/train between countries for the cost of a meal.

Popular must-see Europe destinations like London, Barcelona, and Paris are flocked with tourists. There are lots of other destinations in Europe that have stunning views, cultural food and superb architecture that is well worth the visit. Here are 5 hidden Europe destinations that are away from the crowd.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Why you should go: Lauterbrunnen is the pinnacle of the Swiss Alps. Words cannot describe the beauty of this destination. Lauterbrunnen is a small village that lies in the valley. Notable breathtaking sights are the majestic rugged mountains, surrounding waterfalls, and picturesque green hills. Along the mountain trails there are plenty of taverns to kick back and enjoy the scene. Lauterbrunnen is also close to Interlaken which is also a hidden gem.

What you should do: Visit Trummelbach Falls in Black Monk Mountain. Though this sight can only be seen in Summer by a tunnel lift. It is a stunning cascading waterfall that rages over 10 glaciers and is about 200 metres in height.

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Why you should go: This destination should ring a bell. Popular for it’s whiskey, this location has the beauty to match. There are sights of rugged terrain, small villages, undisturbed views and medieval roots showcasing castles and medieval structures alike. Never underestimate the beauty of Scotland.

What you should do: Definitely take part in a tour here. With such majestic views and wildlife present, this natural wonder destination is waiting to be explored. Photogenic at every angle it is a photographers dream.

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Why you should go: Cesky Krumlov is a castle city from the 13th century that is a world heritage site now. It is an underrated city that is simply gorgeous. With views and buildings that seems like it came from a medieval scene. Being such a small town, it is best to be a weekend getaway. Prague is just a stepping stone over.

What you should do: Visit Cesky Krumlov Castle. During summer the castle will be lively and full of people while winter will boast a unique view with blankets of snow. The Castle consist of an astounding 40 buildings and palaces, courts and park with a gothic and baroque appeal. Look into the lives of royalty tracing back to the 13th century.

Bored of London? Tired of Berlin? Paris? If you’re serious about finding unique destinations away from the crowd, these europe destinations could be in your sights. There are Europe tours available if you cannot decide on where to go and what to do.