Fishing is one of the experiences that everyone should try and in Alaska, it will mesmerize you. Seldovia is one of the world’s best places to go fishing, inspired by its rugged beauty, pristine waters and snow-capped mountains.
Seldovia Fishing Adventure charters will take you to all the hot spots of the area for you to catch your share of fish. Also, you can stay at the Seldovia b&b through one of our packages. The boat or charter used in these trips is very powerful and is accompanied by a captain and a guide. They will show you the true meaning of fishing with great hospitality, good times and lots of action. Seldovia Fishing Adventure charters only use licensed and insured captains making your excursions safe, fun and personalized to meet your needs.
The best things about Seldovia Fishing Adventures are:
Alaska halibut fishing
One of the biggest attraction of Seldovia Fishing Adventures is Alaska halibut fishing. Halibut is a flat fish that is large and heavy compared to other fish of its kind. While the Pacific halibut move at different times of the year, with our experience, we know where exactly to find them. We will teach you our tested methods to find big fish. The average size of our catch is 15-25 pounds; however, we usually
catch bigger fish between 50-80 pounds. You will often be able to catch cod and yellow eye as well as five other species of salmon. The crew of Alaska halibut fishing charters will not only assist you while fishing halibut, but will also cook the best meal out of it.
Seldovia b&b
Your charter passes with another opportunity of Seldovia Fishing Adventures that is the Seldovia b&b. It is an excellent opportunity to get your picture included on the Seldovia b&b wall to join hundreds of others. This will only happen when you can catch fish over 50 pounds.
Seldovia Fishing Adventures are supplied with all weather gear that includes everything from sneakers, boots, and all fishing equipment including reels and baits. With the customized packages from Seldovia Fishing Adventures, you and your family will get the opportunity to take in the beauty and nature while catching some big fish and staying at Seldovia b&b.

If you are looking for seldovia accommodations, then visit Seldovia Fishing Adventure. It is the perfect way to experience salmon and halibut fishing in Alaska. We provide world class fishing charters and b&b accommodations with friendly service, mouth watering banquets and incredible views across the Seldovia bays. To enjoy maximum fun with fishing adventure, please visit our website.