Most of the construction companies hire the services of aerial filming companies to capture the construction process of huge projects like building canals, power plants, off shore oil rigs, bridges, dams, roads and other mega constructions to document the meticulous details and work in progress for the customer review as well as archiving the data for the next generations. But surely capturing this huge construction process is no mean task and requires lot of experience and expertise in handling the latest technological equipment to shoot the work in progress from different aerial angles and reveal the interesting facts about the work being done. The timelapse Middle East is one company that has lot of experience in offering aerial filming services with their team of veteran staff that has adequate knowledge of handling the latest customised 4G cameras and also the courage to go great heights to film the projects meeting the expectations of the clients.

The aerial filming services are conducted from helicopters that allow capturing the right angles to reveal the challenging aspects of the work in progress of the huge construction projects. The company offering these aerial filming services takes the responsibility of hiring the helicopter and obtaining the necessary permissions from the government departments. The filming is done
day and night for great visual affects using the gyro mount for the camera set up and bringing out the desired output in high resolution and full HD photos and videos. Similarly, for projects where it is not possible to shoot with aerial filming the drone filming services are used sending the drones that are mounted with cameras to capture both exterior as well as interior works that cannot be done manually. The Timelapse Company offering theses services has a fleet of drones from phantom 1 to quad copter to offer the best output to monitor works of different types of construction projects. The drones make it possible to film day and night in any climatic conditions using the 3 axis gimbal for superior quality videos.

The timelapse services also include 360 degrees photography, progressive site photo and video shoots that are apt for presentation as well as annual video reports that explain the work in progress visually. The timelapse company clearly understand the requirements of the customers and accordingly offer them the best services in high quality and affordable budget to capture the visual wonder of mega construction projects on the film.

Timelapseme is expertise in providing the site video shoot services for your construction in Dubai at an affordable price. For more information about these video services, please log on to our website.