Water damage is tough to deal with. Anyone who has gone through it can relate to that fact. It damages walls, ceilings, furniture and even clothing. Here are a few commonly asked questions (and answers) about water damage.

1. What causes water damage?

Many things can cause water damage. It can be due to both natural and unnatural reasons. Any defect in a pipeline can trigger water to leak, resulting in water damage.

Other reasons are:

- Flooding

- Hurricanes

- Roof leaks

- Appliance malfunction

- Poor drainage

- Flash flooding

- Pipe bursts

- Sewage leak

- Foundation leak

Some leaks are manageable for a couple of days. But others require immediate attention because they can produce several inches of water within a few hours.

2. Why is water damage dangerous?

Just imagine the amount of bacteria and viruses that gets carried by flood and sewage water. Flood water can be even more harmful. If this water remains on your floor for more than two days, it can make you very sick. Plus, it can trigger mold growth, which will destroy your flooring.

Therefore, it is crucial tostart a water cleanup projectimmediately after the damage occurs. Mold can spread quickly and destroy your furniture or anything with which it comes in contact.

3. What should I do after water damage occurs?

Call a water extraction team immediately. Whether the damage is from flood water or sewage drainage or a pipeline bursting, it is important to get the situation under control immediately. If it persists for a lengthy time, it can permanently damage your furniture and flooring. Delaying
the process will only cost you more in the long run.

4. How do technicians handle water damage from flood water and sewage water differently?

The first thing a water extraction team does is remove all the objects on the flooring that are damaged. It may be your carpet, furniture or anything that can be removed easily. Special treatments can restore these items. All the flooring is dried by equipment like dehumidifiers and dryers.

In sewage clean up, the process is taken a few steps further to remove any present odor. You get to see clean results with no smell or water on your floor. Your water extraction team will disinfect the floor to make sure that no trace of the disaster remains.

5. How much will I be able to recover from an insurance policy?

Usually, your homeowner’s insurance company is required to pay for any water cleanup project. Sometimes it depends on the policy of the insurance company as to what damages are covered and what is not.

6. How long does awater cleanup projecttake? Do I need to move out?

The process may take a couple of days depending on the extent of the damage.However, there are various pieces of equipment a water extraction team uses for the task, such as dehumidifiers which can create a lot of noise at your property. You can stay at some other place till the water cleanup project is completed if you prefer peace and quiet.

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