Modern couples seem to be more and more likely to opt for a backyard wedding, in the privacy of their own homes. A backyard wedding will offer you the privacy young couples nowadays search for, the intimate feeling and the presence of their close friends. However, since wedding planning has never been easy, some guidance is truly necessary. As much as intimate and ideal these types of events are, young couples lack the organizing skills and many end up spending considerably more money on them than they initially planned. As you know, you will have to purchase everything and take care of everything, at the end of the day. Otherwise, there will appear inconveniences, and your guests might not have the experience they hoped for. However, don’t get discouraged. We have some tips that will truly help you to organise your own event, from finding decoration suppliers, like, a great ribbon manufacturer, to legal aspects you should consider.

The four steps to your dream backyard wedding

Yes, there are some specific steps you should follow in order to have the best event of this kind:

• Feasibility assessment.

• Establish a to-do list.

• Create a timeline for your to-do list.

• Have backup plans (multiple ones).

Your feasibility assessment should evaluate if the event you are planning does not break any legal regulations, if the space you have will meet all your requirements, who will officiate the wedding and what your budget will be.

• Legality assessment – you will need to have a discussion with a local public body and see if there are necessary special authorisations for this type of events. This includes checking with a local fire department, with the police department, it would be ideal to find out if there are any types of noise restrictions and see if the neighbours have an issue with noise, see how many people will you be allowed to invite at your event, also, check how you could get a permit for parking on the streets of you town. And see if at the date of your wedding construction work is going to happen. If so, your wedding will be too noisy and too dusty.

• Assess the necessary space – you will need enough space to accommodate the chairs at the wedding ceremony, as well as a dance floor, space for the reception and so on. Based on the number of guests you will have, establish the necessary space.

Set your budget - the budget you estimate should be accordingly to the number of guests you plan to invite. You will have to take into account the costs implied by equipment rental, officiants, décor, food and beverages, photography, cake, music and wedding favours. For a wedding or approximately thirty guests, you will be paying considerably less money than you were to rent a wedding venue, which comes as a great benefit. Also, for tuxedos and wedding gowns, you should have a separate budget.

Opt for inexpensive wedding décor elements

The pro tip of the day is to save as much as you can on your wedding décor. Opt for décor elements created by you and your friends in your spare time. These inexpensive décor elements can be easily created by using ribbons in different styles, patterns, and widths and they will create a great visual impact for your small backyard wedding event.

These are our pieces of advice in terms of intimate backyard weddings. Make sure to plan ahead and follow the logical flow of actions. This way you will have a spotless event, where you and all your guests will have a great time. Also, make sure to stick to your budget.