United Performing Arts Company provides classes for student’s age between 2 to 18. We provide different dance styles like Ballet, Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Jazz and more for students for every level. UPAC Arlington has classes for students of every age, commitment level, and skill level. Our all classes perform at community performances several times throughout the year. This company competes at regional and national level dance competitions.

Our each young lady must demonstrate strong dance technique, showmanship and a positive attitude to be larger an invitation to join our team. UPAC helps to instruct our company dancers to be fantastic young ladies also it is excellent dancers. United Performing Arts Company also organizes UPAC Events in Arlington. We are proud to be ourselves in presenting clean and age-appropriate routines that are exciting for the dancers and the audience. There are many online dances and art studio is available online but United Performing Art Company is considered to be one of the best and superb studios.

Dance is a universal language or activity to express feelings and emotions. Also, dance is one of the activities that hold people close from different cultures and is a fun activity too. United Performing Arts Guild is an art and dance studio. People should send your child to a dance class. Dance is very simple also it is fun. Everyone loves to dance, also children can do. Children love to participate in activities where they can enjoy and that have to do with fun, excitement and anything other than course books and school work.

A dance class is a place where your child meets other children and enjoys dancing. United Performing Arts Company also organizes UPAC Events in Arlington. All students clothing must be free from writing, rhinestones, skirts, glitter, flowers, etc. Hair must in a bun or ponytail and pulled back away from the dancer’s for all classes. No large bows, hair accessories, ribbons will be allowed to be used in class. Our classes are fun. We provide excellent dance instruction while learning in a fun, great environment.

We teach proper technique with proper dance guidance. Our studio is very clean, bright and provides an excellent learning atmosphere. UPAC is here to provide you top qualified dance professionals or we can say that choreographer who teaches you different forms of dancing. After participating in dance classes, children or kids with special requirements or needs can gain confidence and join normal children in dancing.