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Male Organ Health Tips for a Naturist Picnic
John Dugan
John Dugan is a respected professional author who is noted for his contributions to a variety of news organizations, magazines and websites. His most recent work includes extensive writing concerning current research on men’s health issues. 
By John Dugan
Published on 06/13/2017
Going on a naturist excursion, such as a picnic in the buff, can be an exciting and enjoyable experience. But guys do need to take a few basic male organ health steps on such occasions.

Male Organ Health Tips for a Naturist Picnic

Naturist activities are by no means confined to the summer months, but the nice, warm weather does provide opportunities for more and more varied naturist excursions. Clothing optional beaches and no-clothes-allowed resorts are common, but there’s much more to the lifestyle than that. For example, many naturist families and friends enjoy picnicking in the birthday suit. Sometimes a man who is not a practicing naturist may be invited along, so the following male organ health tips are offered for the novice naturist who finds himself lunching in the buff.

Things to remember

These tips can help make the naturist picnic more enjoyable. Several are not necessarily male organ health related, but are important anyway.

- Go bare. If an event is being held at an actual naturist resort, going bare may be a requirement. If at a friend’s summer home or other private residence, the friend will usually tell a guest that they are perfectly welcome to keep their clothes on if they so desire. However, most guests will probably feel awkward if they are clothed while everyone else is not. Doffing clothing is usually a good idea; the shyness and insecurity a person may feel is likely to disappear after a few minutes.

- Be polite. There is a great temptation to stare and gawk at other people’s private parts. Don’t. A glance here or there is fine, but active staring is discouraged. When alone with a close friend, it may be fine to say something like "Whoa, I never knew you were so endowed, man" - but in general commenting upon male and female organs, chests and rears is discouraged.

- Use a napkin. It’s great to let everything hang out as one with Nature, but when sitting down to eat that hot dog dripping with mustard and ketchup, it pays to have a napkin covering the member. That’s especially true if spicy foods or sauces are involved.

- Consider a towel. If a wooden picnic table is involved, it may be a good idea to lay a towel down on the seat. Prickly or splintery wood can be very painful on the rear, manhood or sacks. Removing a splinter from the manhood is not great for male organ health.

- Think about position in relationship to others. Naturists enjoy the common beauty of the human form. That said, it doesn’t mean that they necessarily want to have a guy to be standing close to them when they are seated, so that his member is inches away from their face. Similarly, they don’t want him turning around and bending over, forcing his rear to violate their personal space.

- Keep the manhood away from the food. No one likes finding that a stray hair has wandered into their food - especially when it may very easily be a hair of the more intimate variety.

- Lotion up. Make sure to put plenty of sunscreen on the member (and sacks and rear) for outdoor picnics. A sunburned member is a very unhappy member.

- Spray. Mosquitoes are a pest any time - so a guy really wants to keep them away when his manhood is exposed. Similarly, ticks, ants, bees and others of nature’s insect brigade should keep away from personal privates. Finding a gentle but effective spray or lotion to keep insects away is crucial.

A naturist picnic is a fun way to sample nudism, and to see whether any male organ health challenges it presents are manageable for an individual. A man can also better manage this area by using a top flight male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) on a daily basis. When on display, a guy wants the member to look its best. Using a crème with Shea butter (a high-end emollient) and vitamin E (a hydrator) will keep the manhood skin moisturized and supple. And using a crème with vitamin C is urged, as vitamin C plays a role in collagen production, which gives the manhood greater elasticity.