Taking care of your skin, especially your face, is a basic practice that many individuals take seriously. Unfortunately, some cosmetics used to accomplish this have harmful chemicals in them, which actually can hamper your beauty and health. Many people develop itchiness and irritation on their face and other body parts due to reactions to the chemicals.

To create a healthy, safe and beneficial solution to these types of problems from chemically infused lotions or medications, Tony and Dee Musso, the founders of Nittany Valley Organics, found pure organic healing lotions and various organic facial cleansers and toners. These organic lotions not only make your face more beautiful but are also very safe for your skin. Nittany Valley Organic’s products, including its organic lotions and organic facial cleansers and toners, are chemical free, paraben free and GMO-free.

Nittany Valley Organics is very transparent to its customers. On each of their products, the ingredients
are clearly listed and easily recognizable. They perform thorough research before launching any organic healing lotion or organic facial cleanser. They make sure that your sensitive skin looks young and does not get spoiled by harsh chemicals.

Nittany Valley Organics has a significant number of products for skin care, face care, hair treatment, deodorants and much more for various age groups. They also have an entire line of Manly Men Candles dedicated to the favorite scents of men, including bacon, beer and leather jackets.

The Nittany Valley Organics organic healing lotions, organic facial cleansers, organic essential oils lotions, organic chemical free shampoo and conditioners will make you feel better and fresher.

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