Mold is a fungus that can grow in any part of the house in which moisture and dust is present. Anything on which it survives starts to rot and get disfigured. Mold in large quantities can cause a serious health risks such as allergic reactions, respiratory problems and neurological problems resulting in death in some severe cases.

Mold usually breeds in warm areas where it is damp and dark. It is mostly found either in a basement, kitchen or bathroom. These are ideal, moist environments for mold growth.

It is very important to get rid of mold as soon as you see it. Mold removal is an effective but continuous process. Since mold breeds in moisture, it is essential to remove moisture from the place.

Mold clean up depends on the size of the mold problem. Usually, it is easy to handle mold in areas that are smaller than 10 square feet. Some of the common methods applied for household mold removal are:

- Clean the place where mold breeds with a rough brush.

- Always keep the place dry.

- Try to avoid direct contact with mold to avoid an allergic reaction.

- If molds start to grow on carpet or a door mat, throw them away immediately. There is no other way to control it. Otherwise, you can prevent mold from spreading by covering the affected area with thick plastic.

- In the case of very expensive carpet or flooring, rely on mold clean up experts.

- If you want to paint a wooden surface that is affected by mold, make sure you clean the mold off with a brush or the paint will come off in peels.

- Use more ventilation and clean the bathroom regularly if mold is frequently growing.

In the case of an expensive item being infected by mold, seek help from a mold clean up expert. For example, if your antique wooden table is attacked by mold, talk to an art restoration expert to keep it safe.

- Wear old clothes that you can throw away immediately after mold clean up.

- Carefully check if the affected area is damp is because of plumbing defects.

- Washing the floor with bleaching solution allows it to penetrate inside the flooring and keep it dry.

- Remove all the wet and mold infected material from the area.

- Vacuum all the debris after completing the mold clean up project to be sure of complete mold removal.

- Molds that form as a result of floods are tough to remove. Flooding makes things contaminated, which results in mold growth. Mold from floods can cause severe illness and health hazards.

After applying all the remedies, you need to follow up to check if the procedure followed for mold removal was successful or not. Thoroughly clean the bathroom daily. If molds appear again in the same place, that means that your mold removal method was not effective.

It is always in the best interest to call a team of mold removal experts to handle the situation in case of flooding or if you are not able to solve it by yourself. Never wait for the situation to get worse.

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