What is defined as a cloud migration? This is the procedure of moving data, applications, or any other business component from an onsite business computer to the cloud or the movement of them from one cloud to another. This migration of one cloud to another is referred to as cloudtocloud migration.Although cloud migration may seem tedious, there are several benefits to your company opting for cloud migration aside from increasing the efficiency of your business and improving the businesses cash flow. Some of the other benefits of cloud migration are: 1. Flexibility The usage of cloud-based services is particularly suitable for businesses that are growing extremely fast and have high bandwidth demand. With the continued growth of a business’ needs, it is easier to scale up the businesses cloud capacity from remote services. Cloud-based services offer you the flexibility should you need to downscale the businesses cloud capacity. With cloud-based services you can either increase or decrease businesses cloud capacity. 2. Disaster recovery Migrating to the cloud is beneficial for all businesses as cloud-based services provide their clients with cloud-based backup and recovery solutions that can help a business’ continuity and save on time as well. 3. Automatic software updates Cloud
migration services are off-site and this means that your business is not burdened with having to ensure that the systems are constantly updated. These updates include the regular software updates and security updates. You therefore do not always have to worry about missing updates. 4. Increased collaboration Like a network drive, cloud-based services allow for the company’s employees to access in real-time all the documents on their cloud server. This includes sharing and or editing and updating. 5. Capital-expenditure Free Cloud-based services eliminate any costs of hardware the company may have experienced. Their only expenses are associated with either monthly subscription-based payment methods or pay as you go. 6. Work from Anywhere With a cloud-based service, there is access to the cloud at anytime, anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. 7. Security Cloud-based services provide security to all documentation even if the computer is lost or stolen. An easy access to the information on the cloud ensures your document’s security is not compromised. 8. Competitiveness Cloud-based services are an enterprise-class technology, it also enables fast functionality even for small businesses, who can then act on the same level as big businesses with easily access to increase and decrease the business cloud capacity. https://www.cloudendure.com/about/