Most of the industries have water accumulating in their work sites due to process of various materials and work operations in the industry. This stagnated water hampers the work process unless the water is pumped out from the work site effectively. Industries like cement, steel plants, coal mines, thermal power stations, hydro power etc require efficient dewatering pumps that suit to their requirements for lifting of waste water, contaminated water, raw water, general water transfer and so on from the work sites. To meet these industrial requirements the submersible dewatering pumps in India designed and manufactured by the engineering company Briller offers best functionality in lifting water from the industrial sites without much effort. Unlike other submersible dewatering pumps these are designed light weight so that they can be easily moved to different areas in the work site to lift waste water.

The engineering company with their years of experience has come up with the best designs for the dewatering pumps overcoming previous concerns with lighter weight model that can be lifted by two and also best quality to resist corrosion and offer efficient services to meet the industrial dewatering requirements. The mine dewatering pump from the company come with the best features like being constructed with aluminium so that it is lighter weight as well as offers better
life to the pump. The pump is also incorporated with stator housing to dissipate heat built up in the motor windings so that it can operate without any problem. Similarly, the pump also comes up with air release valve that helps to release any air bubbles during the pump operation. There is also an inspection door on top of the pump so that it becomes east to inspect any problem if arises during its performance. There is also an oil chamber, inspection screw to replace oil without the necessity to open the mechanical seal and also a closed impeller that offers best hydraulic effect to the pump preventing wear and tear of the product.

The submersible dewatering pumps in India can cater to different industrial requirements in dewatering all types of contaminated liquids with particle sizes not ranging more than 10mm, pH range 5 to 8, liquid temperature up to 40 deg C, density up to 1.1 and flow up to 110 m3/Hr. By using this dewatering pump industries can easily evacuate water for smooth operations at the work site.

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