Indianapolis, IN, May 19, 2017 /PressReleasePing/ - Giovanni Gianni Narducci Midwest business man Identified by Reliable sources within the Law Enforcement Community to have strong tides with La Cosa Nostra in Montelepra Palermo Sicily as well as Toronto Canada. Unconfirmed source say Narducci has a violent history and has the support from several Cosa Nostra administrators in Sicily. Business includes Security Analyst Companies and Multi Entertainment Media Enterprise.

Narducci the son of the late Salvatore Gianni Narducci a highly respected Mafiosa Administrator in Palermo Sicily who is deceased. Giovanni Narducci raised in Camden Nj a small poor city just East of Philadelphia ,where
Authorities believe he still has close Association with known LCN families, Narducci debuted in a few small roles in theater and hopes that he will excel to much larger roles ,It is a journey of struggles and disappointments however Giovanni Gianni Narducci is positive he is safe and will continue to strive for greater roles. The times have changed and La Cosa Nostra has weaken in The United States however it still lives like a cancer that slowly grows in the body, Ultimately spreading causing decay and even death ,there is no cure but Authorities continue to combat the problems that are beyond the peoples control .

Press Contact:
Jon Roberson
Indianapolis, IN 46201