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Member Sensitivity and Delayed Seed Release
John Dugan
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By John Dugan
Published on 05/16/2017
A man is always looking for ways to heighten his member sensitivity. It’s possible that delayed seed release could have a direct link to member sensitivity. Here’s what to do.

Member Sensitivity and Delayed Seed Release

For many men, premature spilling of seed can be a real problem. It can be so much of a problem, in fact, that those men might lament their heightened member sensitivity and wish they could reduce it. But for some guys, their problem is just the opposite. Despite the best manhood care and ‘doing everything right,’ they might suffer from delayed seed release.

Some guys might wonder why delayed seed release is a problem. After all, most men want to last as long as they can in bed. From the outside looking in, it might seem as though delayed seed release is actually a good thing. But for the man who experiences it, the problem is definitely real.

Why is delayed seed release a problem?

There are many reasons why it can be a serious problem. Imagine being in bed with a partner, thrusting away to find pleasure, but it takes a very long time - so long, in fact, that the once-eager tumescence fades away. The partner is already satisfied, sometimes many times over, and is ready to be done with the encounter. The manhood and the partner are aching, sore and frustrated. A man might experience a great deal of pressure to ‘get it done’ and spill seed, but he can’t. He might also find that if he goes for too long, the promise of pleasure becomes even more elusive.

Though many men dream of being able to go for a very long time, most will agree that pleasure is the point - and that by not achieving release or spilling seed, they are missing out on a very important part of the equation!

How does member sensitivity come into play?

There could be many reasons for delayed seed release, and a man must be thoroughly checked by a doctor to rule out any medical or psychological issues that might contribute to it. Most men will find that the top reason for delayed seed release is a lack of member sensitivity.

But where does this come from? In most cases, it’s the result of trauma.

Sometimes the trauma to the manhood is evident. For instance, someone who has suffered a male organ fracture is likely to have problems with member sensitivity for some time afterward. The same is true for those who might have suffered a sports injury. As the manhood heals, a thin layer of scar tissue forms right underneath the skin. This can interfere with the nerves, which then leads to a less-sensitive manhood.

Sometimes the trauma happens over time, in small doses. This is especially true if a man prefers a little rough handling of the manhood from time to time, uses a certain self-pleasuring technique that focuses on one area of the manhood, or enjoys coupling without using adequate lubrication to keep things moving smoothly. In this case, the sensitivity will slowly diminish over time. A man might simply notice that he lasts longer then he used to, and at first this might not be a problem…but a year or two down the line, he’s lasting thirty minutes or longer, and then the problems begin to result.

It’s vital that a man pay close attention to this member sensitivity to help prevent the problem of delayed seed release. One big step he can take is the use of a specially formulated male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . He should look for a crème that contains L-carnitine, a neuroprotective that encourages the health of nerves in the manhood, as well as vitamin C, which is great for collagen production. Both these ingredients, applied daily in a Shea butter base, can help decrease the effect of trauma on the manhood and protect it from future damage.