If you are not willing to lose the full bond amount return while vacating the property you need to meet the end of lease cleaning clause which states that the property should be returned in the best condition to the landlord at the time of vacating. Yes, while signing the rental agreement this end of lease cleaning clause is also included that the home should be returned as it has been handed over to the tenant. However, meeting this clause at the time of vacating the property is not an easy task as it is not the ordinary vacuum cleaning the home but a thorough and meticulous cleaning to impress the landlord and get back the full bond amount return. As most of the tenants don’t have the time and energy to oblige the clause they often let go a portion of the full bond amount towards this end of lease cleaning clause. But this need not be the case any more with vacate cleaning Perth services available for the tenants to assign the cleaning job and get back their full bond amount return.

Though vacate cleaning Perth services come for a price you can still save on the full bond amount return even after paying their charges. The Perth cleaners offer their quote based on the property type and size that bring in their own cleaning supplies and equipment to ensure a thorough cleaning
of the client property. The quote is general fixed and there shall be no more hidden charges for you to know beforehand how much you need to pay to get back your full bond amount return. The Perth cleaners also offer a guarantee on the full bond amount return which means that it is their responsibility to impress your property owner with the cleaning services else shall get back to the job once again till you get back your full bond amount return. They also offer a check list on the services being offered for the end of lease cleaning services so that you know beforehand the services offered by them which includes cleaning all the rooms in the home including kitchen, bathroom and laundry and any additional services like cleaning the garage, gardening, exterior cleaning etc shall be charged separately.

By hiring the services of the vacate cleaning Perth you can simply relax and enjoy your moving process while they ensure you get the full bond amount return on the vacating property.

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