Uber is undoubtedly the largest platform for instant cab booking services. Uber is convenient, affordable and has a more global presence than other cab booking apps. At times due to unavailability of cabs at wee or busy hours, instant booking is not available in some places and the only solution is to get advance booking before those hours. Instead of solely relying on the Uber app to get you a cab, you can get an Uber ride through an alternative app like Kommen.

Schedule Uber With Kommen

Instead of scheduling Uber rides through the Uber app alone, it is possible to use a different app like Kommen to schedule a ride with Uber in advance. This is extremely convenient and ensures that the cab arrives right on time. It takes nearly 5 to 10 seconds to schedule the ride. The booking can be confirmed by selecting the pickup and drop destination by logging into your Uber account just once through the Kommen app. The best part of such alternate an app is it not only helps in booking the normal Uber rides but is applicable for UBER X, UberGO, Uber Black, UBER pool etc.

Using apps to Pre book Uber is convenient as the cab can be scheduled anytime and on cancellation by the driver, it is re-booked automatically again. One of the limitations of the Uber is that scheduling a pick-up in advance is limited to only for few cities. This is where alternate apps like Kommen will be quite helpful as they can schedule Uber in other cities. With Kommen, you can schedule your Uber taxi ahead of time. You can schedule your rides for up to 30 days away. The Kommen app works hand in hand with the Uber app.

To schedule Uber in advance is a sure way of managing emergency situation. There are lot of customers who have agreed they have used alternate apps instead of the official app from Uber to book rides for airports, job interviews, first day at work etc. Kommen has proven reliable during periods of no network coverage and also booking rides ahead before you arrive in a new city.
How to Use The Kommen App

Below, we have a clear step-by-step breakdown on how to use the Kommen app to schedule your Uber rides:

  • Download Kommen

If you haven’t already downloaded Kommen, download the Kommen app from the Google Play store here. For now, the Kommen app is only available for Android users.

  • Sign in with your Uber account

If you are not already signed in, you just need to sign in once to Kommen with your Uber account, so we can call rides on your behalf.

  • Open the Kommen App

You should be on the “Scheduled Ubers” screen now.

  • Click the “+” sign at the top right of the App

To schedule Uber using the “New Uber Form” click on the + sign.                                    

  • Fill out the “New Uber Form”
  1. Fill out the following :
  2. Pickup Location
  3. Destination
  4. Uber Type: (UberX, UberBlack, UberGo, and UberPool are some of the available options, depending on your pickup location).
  • Click Schedule Later

To schedule Uber, click on the scheduled later button.

  • Select Pickup time and date

To pre book Uber, select your pickup time and date, and you are almost done.

  • Select your Backup Ride

If you don’t have it saved in your settings, you have to select a backup ride, otherwise you just need to click “Confirm Uber” and your scheduled Uber should arrive at your selected date and time.

For now, Kommen is available only on the Android platform for now, but soon our app will be available on the IOS and windows platform also. You can get notified when we will be on IOS here: http://www.trykommen.com/