Periodontal (Gum) Disease:

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is an infection of the tissues surrounding the teeth.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease is a common cause of tooth loss.

Is Periodontal Disease Common?

Yes. Gum diseases are very common. It affects approx. 50% of adults aged between the 30s and 90s in the US.

What are the main reasons for the Gum Disease Media PA?

Bacteria and Plaque in the gums and teeth are the main reason for the Periodontal (Gum) Disease.

What is the prevention for gum Disease?

• Maintain the good oral hygiene.
• Brushing with a soft toothbrush at least twice per day
• Ross at least once a day
• You have to consult with your dentist regularly
• Do regular dental check-ups
• Do Cleanings regularly.
• Please Do not smoke
• Do not use tobacco
• Avoid junk foods.

You have to follow the above prevention method to avoid gum disease. Becauseprevention is always better than cure. A recent research is trying to find out the relation between heart disease and gum disease. So, it is better to prevent by doing the above simple steps.

What are the other potential reasons for Developing Periodontal Gum Disease Media PA?

• Smoking.
• Chewing tobacco
• Very poor oral hygiene
• Certain medications including the below

1. Oral contraceptives,
2. Blood
pressure medication and
3. Steroids

Note:  You have to notify your dentist of any medications you may be taking. It is very important.

• Bridges that no longer fit correctly
• People with diabetes
• Heart disease
• Pregnant women and Teens have a higher risk of developing gum disease
• Genetics also play an important role
• Crooked teeth.

What are the symptoms of the Periodontal Disease?

1. Bleeding gums (Particularly when you floss or brush)
2. Swollen, tender or Red gums
3. Pus between your gums
4. Gums that have pulled away from teeth
5. Persistent bad breath  
6. Movement of teeth
7. A change in your bite
8. Bad taste
9. Pus between your teeth
10. Permanent teeth lose

The above are the few symptoms. If you find any of the above symptoms please do not waste time. Immediately contact us. Our expert team will help you to solve this problem.

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