Greece is one of the most gorgeous and captivating Mediterranean tourist destinations. The country is surrounded by deep blue sea water, limestone rocks and attracts travellers from across the world. Cruises and yachting experience is something that tourist must not miss on as it opens one to the vast world of sea, beaches and gives a overall majestic experience of vacationing in Greece. Depending on one’s need and budget, versatile sailing services and yachts are available to give a Mediterranean tour.

There are many companies for yacht hire Greece with different packages and rates. There are different types of yacht that can be hired in Greece starting from small motor yacht to luxury large yacht. With help of the rental services, tourists can get real experience of Greece beyond the traditional and tourist hounded places. The beaches of Mykonos, Santorini etc can be best explored by sailing and yachting.

The yacht rentals Greece are very common with small groups mostly renting motor yachts. These yachts have three to four cabins and can accommodate around 8 persons at a time. Many different type of motors yachts are available with versatile amenities, stocked up food items, professional employees etc. For larger groups, sailing yachts are better as capacity of accommodation is more. There are many offbeat and unique Islands that can be covered through yachting or cruising.

Generally, in Greece yachting destinations is divided into 5 cruising areas which includes sardonic & argolic gulf, Cyklades Islands, Dodekanese, Sporades Inlands and Ionian Islands. They are offbeat, extremely beautiful and have many activities that one can involve in. The motor yachts can be booked for two different purposes. Either it can be booked to take tourist directly to chosen destination or journey can be broken by hopping from one port to another.  A cruise trip in Greece is a mandate for complete and classic experience of the country.

The yacht charter Mykonos can be hired for complete tour of Mykonos and great deals and packages are available for the same. The city is known for its cultural heritage and mythological values, a place that is a must inclusion while in Greece. One or two day cruise or yachting tours are organised and available inclusive for room bookings, food and activities in the beautiful beaches of Greece. Some of the least explored Island can be seen from the deck of the yacht.

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