Are you having a hard time deciding between a right-hand- or left-hand-side patio door? The double-active patio door installed by L.J Neal and Sons might be the perfect answer. Our double-active sliding patio door can give your home a better look because it allows you to be more flexible with the layout of the room. These double-active patio doors are symmetrical in nature, have a multi-chamber profile, have various multi-panel system features, different grille style options and come in multiple colors.

Here are a few reasons why replacing your patio door with a double-active sliding patio door is a good idea:

Energy efficiency – Replacing your patio door with a double-active sliding patio door is a very smart move if you are looking to save money on your energy bill. These doors are insulated with warm edge technology and will keep your home warmer during the harsh winter months.

Composite gasket option - The double-active sliding patio door L.J. Neal and Sons offers has an option of fitting composite gaskets that provides optimal thermal insulation
and a sound barrier. The doors also prevent dust, drafts and rain from entering your home.

Indoor/outdoor flow – Replacing your patio door with a double-active sliding patio door offers you an excellent indoor/outdoor flow because it has large glass panels that provide a nice view of your backyard.

Safety- These double-active sliding patio doors comes with shatterproof safety glass, making them very safe for homeowners. The trustworthiness that L.J. Neal and Sons has gained over the years is because of their security record.

Maximizes natural light – These sliding doors have large panes of glass that maximize the natural sunlight entering the home.

Easy access- These double-active sliding patio doors are very easy to access because they move smoothly on their rails.

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