Buying or selling of property is no easy task. MLS real estate listings have made the process swift but a bit more complicated. Multiple Listing services providing websites list your property for sale and use innovative marketing techniques to ensure each property is marketed well to improve its chances of getting sold as quickly as possible. The listing service is now provided by real estate agents as well but they charge a higher commission which means customers lose significant money in commissions to such agents while buying and selling.

Sellers typically provide buyer's agents 2-3% of the home's listing price. This commission is pre-decided which works as an incentive to the agent to show the property . In this highly competitive market, agents have also started to entice clients online providing them services of a virtual tour of the property along with high definition pictures and other such services through their website.

The seller's bottom line is affected as they have to pay a commission to the buyer's and the seller’s agent which makes them increase the price for the value of the property. To counter such high agent fees which
almost cost 5-7% of the cost of the deal, online retail estate agencies have pioneered in rebates of such fees that they charge while also suggesting the sellers about the average rate of commissions to be paid to the buyer’s agent.

These agents also list the sellers’ property on major MLS portals which helps them garner more interest in the property. There are many such agencies and one of the leading real estate agencies is Padvue. Padvue charges less commissions and provides both buyers and sellers better value. For sellers, the listing fee is between 1% to 1.5%. Padvue is a full service brokerage and they don't cut corners and include professional HDR photos, 3D Matterport Tours and more! For buyer's Padvue offers up to 1.5% of the home price or 50% of their commission back to the buyer!

About Padvue:

Padvue is a real estate agency providing high quality services including: open houses, 3D virtual tours, HDR photos and more. Padvue also provides a home buyer rebate, up to 50% of their commission! The agency, with its experienced and skilled agents helps its clients to close their deals swiftly along with significant savings for both buyers and sellers. For more information on Padvue, log on to: