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Get Voice over Services with the Industry’s Top Professional
John Hammer
I live in the beautiful state of mp. I am married and have four great children. We live on a farm and have raise pigs,  
By John Hammer
Published on 03/18/2017
An exceptionally experienced British voice over, Stevie can be heard on a multitude of platforms for leading brands. From advertising skin care products, engaging a stadium of 30,000.

Get Voice over Services with the Industry’s Top Professional

If you are looking for a voice over, I am here to serve you with top professional services. I have many years of experience in this industry. You will also get additional benefits of audio production because as I own and run a recording studio facility.

The service of a voice over is required in various industries. Be it advertising, entertainment or corporate sectors, an effective voice can take projects to the new level. If you are also looking to get this Voice over services, Stevie Cripps is here to serve you as an experience voice artist in his field. I am working on various projects on a daily basis from TV Commercials’, film trailers to radio promos, corporate presentations and local radio commercials.

When it comes to getting the right male voice over services, the quality and effectiveness of a voice really matters. I am leading professional you can trust us because of following attributes:

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