Last few years there is a change in the outlook of consumers and many people are now choosing decorative overlays of concrete to decorate their property. Concrete overlays are preferred to liven up the lackluster concrete spaces. These are good alternatives for both inside and outside, and in residential and commercial buildings as well as for counter tops, floors, driveways and more. Without any qualm overlays of concrete are used to add a newer and fresher outlook to the area with good detailing and fine finish.

Now there is no need to feel sad about your cracked, stained and dark driveway as you can easily get it replaced with concrete overlay at affordable price. These decorative overlays are available in many different forms and colors that match the user idea of renovation. You can choose them for different applications that can be installed with a wide range, such as splatter textures, slate textures, stamped overlays, micro toppings, and epoxy coatings.

For industrial floors and commercial premise epoxy flooring is considered as a smart alternative. Today increasing numbers of home owners are choosing metallic epoxy coatings for their homes as they are great flooring alternative for residential floors. While choosing flooring material most often factors such as longevity and durability are considered. Epoxy flooring is unbeatable as it is long lasting and sturdy to last for years depending on the application you choose. Many home owners select epoxy for their garage floors and living spaces. Since it is a waterproof material all you are required is to mop it to make it clean and stain free again.

Hygienically metallic epoxy coated floors are free from allergen, mold and resistant to mildew. However not all epoxy is created equal, you must choose your landscaping contractor with caution to get 100% solid epoxy and a guarantee otherwise they can peel and flake off within months. It is better to be smart so that you get value for your money spent. Your floors will give out a decorative look with the application of metallic epoxy which is a prime coat of 100% solids epoxy with a top coat of metallic epoxy and is coated with a urethane.

Epoxy flooring is undoubtedly a beautiful flooring option to choose from which is not affected by oil, gas, water or other chemicals. Moreover metal epoxies are popular even more as they work on non metal material such as rubber, ceramic, and more. If you are thinking about giving a face lift to your surfaces choose concrete resurfacing from Flash Concrete, New Zealand based resurfacing professionals.