An air conditioner is the most useful and indispensable gadget that we all must possess. It has become one of the basic modern amnesties that we just can’t do away with. While we choose the most expensive air conditioner for a swanky and sleek look, we might be unaware of the proper accessories to flaunt the perfect air-conditioner. Depending upon the type of air conditioner we choose, we select the accessories needed for them. Some of the basic air-conditioner accessories are wall mount support, wall clips, conditioner case, drainage pipes concealing and AC PAN tablets for cleaning drainage pipes. These days we have the most high tech air conditioner accessories which can give you clean and fresh air in no time. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest air conditioner components that enhance the overall look of the air-conditioner- 1. Wall mounts- While we install the air-conditioners one thing that always comes handy is the wall mount necessary to fit the air conditioner at a desired level. These wall mounts are available in various lengths and sizes depending upon the size of the unit. 2. Compressor- A compressor is actually a condenser which is installed outside the house. It takes care of all the temperature cooling needs, it is a pump that converts the refrigerant gas into liquid. A good compressor always ensures smooth condensation of the refrigerant liquid. If the compressor fails to work then it needs to be replaced on time with a new one. 3. Expansion Valve- This is the valve that controls the flow of the compressed liquid into the evaporator. As soon as the refrigerant enters the evaporator is expands and converts into gas which is then circulated as cool air
all across the room. The regular functioning of the expansion valve ensures the proper circulation of cool filtered air across the room. 4. Timers- Most of the latest air-conditioners come with timers that allow you to fix the time limit to run the air conditioners, so that you can save lot of energy and avoid unnecessary noise and electricity consumption. 5. Sensors- The most advanced air conditioners are provided with sensors which can shut on and off according the weather. These settings can be adjusted through a remote control or a control panel lodged at the AC itself. Window ACs come with the basic adjustment features and can be installed in the window space allotted at homes and offices. 6. Fan- A basic air conditioner normally comes with two fans one that is operated when the cool air blows and the other which works like a normal ceiling or pedestal fan. The speed of the fan can be adjusted according to the necessity and climate of the room. 7. Hot And Cold Coil- These are the basic coils which are installed in the AC and help in the heating and cooling process of the refrigerant liquid. When the outside hot air enters the AC it runs over a cold coil, it gets compressed the temperature increases and passes through the hot coil and releases the hot air outside and cold air inside. 8. PAN Tablets- These tablets ensure a clean passage of cool air through your AC pipes and also act as filter for dust and pollutants inside the room. You can use two to three tablets every day to inhale crisp and clean air! Choosing the right air conditioner components needs lot of awareness. All the above details can help you to assemble the perfect AC unit in your room and breathe in a whiff of cool, clean and natural air! Contact your local air-conditioner dealer to choose the trendiest model for your home today! Article Resource From:-