Air Conditioners are very important for surviving the hot and sultry summers. In order to get rid of discomfort, air conditioners are installed at homes and offices. It is one of the most significant electrical appliances without which we cannot imagine facing the extremes of climates. Air conditioners also help us maintain normal temperature during the chilling cold. Ceiling suspended ductless air conditioners are installed in various establishments. There are air conditioners from various makes are available in the market. They function in the same manner but they are different from each other because of the different features. These days most air conditioners come with remote control access, power, capacity, humidity control, air purifier, etc. There are various air conditioning solutions. While certain air conditioners are affordable by middle class and small enterprises, there are others that are more expensive and are full of sophisticated features. Apart from this, another important feature is energy conservation that helps reduce electricity consumption. However, when an air conditioner stops working it must be repaired instantly. The situation may arise when one or component of the air conditioner stops working. Since air conditioners are used so widely all over the world, almost all commercial air conditioner Accessories of various types of air conditioners are available in the market. Before you can search for the component it is important to figure out which component is not working. Some components
that usually need replacement or repair are condensing coils, heat pump, fan, heat pump, compressor or cooling coils. The problem can be best diagnosed by expert service providers. Here are some important air conditioner accessories: We can divide them into outdoor components and indoor components. I) Outdoor Components 1. Condenser Coil The refrigerant is filled in the condenser coils which are nothing but a system of coils. When heat is eliminated and the hot gas refrigerant is converted into liquid form. The heat is then released into the external atmosphere. This is why external condenser coil is an outdoor component 2. Compressor This is the most important component of the air conditioner. The refrigerant is circulated in an enclosed loop that lies in between the condenser coils and the evaporator. Compressors are available in the market suitable for various models and designs. The compressors can be of scroll or reciprocating types. Scroll type of compressors are more expensive but more efficient and make much less noise. Reciprocating compressors are less efficient as compared to the former. 3. Fan - liesoutdoors With the help of this component, air is passed through the condenser coil in order to disperse heat. II) Indoor Components 1. Evaporator coil - lies indoors These coils which form a system of tubes are filled with refrigerant and they help in removing heat and moisture from the air in the room and so the refrigerant is converted into gas once again. 2. Air filters It helps to make the air cleaner and breathable by trapping dust and other suspended air particles as the air passes through the system. This component helps cool the air easily. 3. Air handling unit It is located in the central part of air conditioner and it blows air into the air ducts. Article Resource From:-