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How do you compare prices of Granny Flats?
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By How Nano Homes
Published on 03/2/2017
When you want to go for granny flat investments one of the first things that you will be doing is start collecting quotes.

How do you compare prices of Granny Flats?

When you want to go for granny flat investments one of the first things that you will be doing is start collecting quotes. Without doubt you will come across wide ranging price tags for these granny flats. As a customer, you are likely to be confused with these options. You are even likely to wonder why there is so much of variation in the price points. If you are going through all these phases, then you are on the right track. You need not have to worry because everyone that starts planning for a granny flat goes through these phases. This knowledge however does not give any solution but just the consolation that you are not alone. How should one then deal with this situation?

If you are going to invest in a granny flat without price comparison then it will certainly be a huge mistake. For that matter, it could prove to be a very expensive mistake. Once you are sure of your requirements the next step should be getting quotes from multiple builders. You could either go with customer built designs or readymade designs. It is a known fact that custom built constructions are lot more expensive than the readymade ones. You could choose to go with either of those as long as you know that your needs are met fully. However, when comparing the prices, you should know to compare an apple with an apple. If you choose to go with custom built granny flats, then compare similar quotes. Do not compare custom built quote with readymade designs. You can do that to know the price difference and whether to go with custom design or readymade design but when it comes to finally deciding which granny flat to pick then you should compare with flats of same or similar specifications.

You are likely to find lesser priced granny flats advertised but you should know that there will be a lot of variation in the quality that you get. You need to check the building specifications closely and go with cheaper quotes only when you could be 100% sure about the quality. Poor quality granny flats will force you to go for frequent repairs as you will end up with maintenance issues. Before you decide on your granny flat, check for customer feedback to learn more about the quality of the flats delivered by a particular builder. This will help you get  a clear picture on the reliability of the construction and whether you should go with a particular service provider or not.

When you are comparing your quotes, do not rush through the process. This is likely to be another life time investment like your full size home and you would certainly want to feel satisfied and happy with your choice. Therefore, give yourself adequate time to review and screen the right companies. There are many good experts in the industry who will be able to meet your requirements, you just need to know where to look.


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