As summers come, the installation of air conditioners become an inevitable choice. Though we have endless options for circulation of cool air throughout our homes, but nothing fits the bill like the crisp, clean and silent coolness of an ductless air conditioner. When we think of installing an air conditioner, we have to take into consideration lot of pros and cons, like size of the room, area of installation, budget, brand and the additional features which come with the unit. Normally our homes and apartments have separate space available for installation of air conditioners devoid of any space constraints, however we can always build up additional space to fix the units wherever we find convenient. If you contact your local dealer, they come over and fix all your installation needs and even fix your additional space requirements by squeezing the unit perfectly in the vent. In many homes the AC vents are not well placed and thus need extension through ducts and pipes for installation. This is where we realize the requirement of a ceiling suspended ductless vents for a clean and smart look in our homes. This accessory not only keep our walls clear but they also ensure proper circulation of air throughout the rooms. Ceiling suspended ductless units come with two units, one that is installed in the ceiling or wall and a compressor which is installed outside the home. Ceiling suspended ductless systems are designed with the latest inverter technology, which maintain the temperature at a desired level and are so energy efficient that they minimise your electricity costs to great
extent. Ceiling suspended ductless systems also accentuate the aesthetic value of your homes and offices. These ductless systems are found in a range of models depending on your availability of space. A ceiling suspended ductless usually comes with an outdoor condenser and an indoor air cooler which circulates the condensed air through a single vent or multiple vents, in case of large rooms. The latest high-tech inverter technology helps to attain the desired room temperature faster with minimum start-ups and shut downs that causes electricity consumption. Once you contact your local home appliances dealer, they help you choose the best model according to your budget, selected style and space availability. Once you decide on a souped-up model and price they send over an expert HVAC technician at your place for installation. A ceiling suspended system comes with a lot of features which increases its demand in the market. Here are some of the features which make it an ultimate choice and makes it convenient for daily use- 1) LCD wireless remote with a holder. 2) It comes with multiple operating modes-dehumidification, air filter, eco mode, fan only, auto cool and dry. 3) Washable, reusable air filter for less maintenance 4) Continuous ‘Air Sweep’ for even air distribution throughout the room 5) Auto-shut flaps close when unit is off for a sleeker appearance 6) It can auto-start after power failure. The ductless ceiling systems have a lot of functionality and are extremely quiet and hassle free in use. These ductless models are designed for conventional use and are available in wall mounted and ceiling models. Contact your nearest home appliances dealer for the best quote in ceiling suspended ductless. Article Resource From:-