Keep your files at home. If you need a lot of extra storage, you can build your own personal cloud. The $159 Western Digital MyCloud network storage device lets you store up to 4 terabytes worth of files. You keep the MyCloud at home, but you can access the files from wherever you're using the corresponding app. As an added bonus, you can also use the MyCloud to back up all the files from your home PC or Mac. Use the cloud. Why store your files on your own hard drive when you can store them on someone else's servers? You can use Drop Box, Amazon Cloud Drive, or Apple iCloud to manage your files in the cloud.

An iPhone or some other smartphone can be really big help in your life, however, there is a problem about the device that no matter you are holding new iPhone, refurbished iPhone or some other smartphone and they will start to run slower after a while. And something you can blame on is the storage room and if you have a refurbished iPhone of 16GB, things can be worse. Let's face it, 16 GB of iPhone storage just far from enough anymore for people these days. With all the photos, videos, apps and music that we load onto our phones, filling up 16 GB doesn't take much effort. You just know that dreaded "Storage Almost Full" message will pop up at exactly the wrong moment when you have something to store. The two ways people generally combat the storage crunch -- deleting or splurging. There are a few neat, easy tricks to try and make your iPhone's storage capacity last as long as possible. 

So you know an iPhone or a refurbished iPhone would be the perfect machine to memorize the happy time with the loved one and people just love to shoot videos or pictures with the device. And you also need to be connected with your friends or you colleague, so the communication function is what you will use a lot. However, what you should not do is keeping the files like messages, pictures and videos storage in the device for a long time. By default, your iPhone saves all your text and multimedia messages forever. It's unlikely you really want iMessage, SMS and MMS correspondence going back years, so there is a way to have messages automatically delete after a sensible timeframe. Clean your phone. If you use apps such as DU Speed booster for your refurbished iPhones, you can clear out unnecessary files that accumulate on your phone. But you'll only reclaim so much space. There are some apps that you definitely want to be refreshed in the background. Clear out apps and files you don’t need.


Keep a wireless hard drive in your pocket. If you're not keen on wires or having something constantly plugged into your phone, there are wireless storage options too. By connecting them to the same Wi-Fi network, your iPhone can sync with a wireless storage device in your pocket or purse. With a corresponding app, you can set your phone to automatically store stuff on the wireless drive instead of storing it internally.

If these tips won’t work for you and you maybe just need an iPhone with a bigger storage room. And you do not have money to have a bigger storage room, you can always seek for a refurbished unlocked iPhone 6 plus and that will save you lot money. If you want this kind of refurbished iPhone, you can get one from cellphone age and you can have various choices and they are really cheap.