The music and music listeners both have always been divided into two groups. The angry, “every lyric should make sense”, rebellious kind who have their fix with rock ‘n roll, heavy metal and underground hip-hop music; then there are those party freaks who find solace in jumpy beats, witty lyrics, and of course; the bass. For the 80’s and 90’s kid, there was disco music to party on and have a fun time dancing with their friends. With time eventually, disco dies a slow and natural death, and paved the way for electronic dance music, commonly abbreviated to EDM. EDM is an umbrella term for numerous genres with on common thing; none of them uses real instruments, but utilizes the brilliant technology of digital music making equipment like turntables and modulation controllers.

Psychedelic, trance, house, dub step, and trap are some of the famous EDM sub-genres out of hundreds of others. For music with such simple to understand structures, the diversity comes in the various feelings every sub-genre caters. EDM is now not only a popular genre of music; it is “the” popular genre of music. It has transformed into
a multi-million dollar business with gigantic EDM festivals happening everywhere in the world and with people not hesitating to buy super expensive tickets to such shows, EDM has taken over the other forms of music and risen as an entity in itself. Facts will tell you that EDM is a $4 billion business worldwide, and once you have attended your fest festival like a Sunburn or VH1 Supersonic, you’ll know exactly why.

Now there are so many artists producing music in their own home studio set-ups hoping to be big time DJs themselves someday. It’s maybe because of the variety EDM has that it so popular since there is a sub-genre for every mood, every situation, and for all types of people. The demand in media for such music is high, which has made EDM promotional websites a common thing that music enthusiasts do. One such website is, where you can find all the latest news, festival information, artist gossip and tour dates related to the very genre of music that is taking the world by storm.

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