Going to a caravan site to spend your holidays is a different experience from the usual hotel room based vacations. This experience offers open ambience, splendid nature, clean, healthy air, and a lot of local attractions. The North Wales caravan sites offer a similar experience and the interesting addition to the package is the various monuments, landmarks, castles, ruins, wonderful structures, churches and of course fantastic landscape of the North West of Wales that is nearby.

When you are staying at the North Wales caravan site you will be able to visit various historical sites including Wrexham town which is also an important historical place. There is an abundance of castles in the area, including Chirk Castle, Powis Castle, Caernarvon Castle, Beaumaris Castle and more. The countryside is not behind when it comes to parks and the important parks you will be visiting include Ty Mawr Country Park with free entrance, Park Hall Countryside, Shrewsbury, Chester Zoo, Blue Planet Aquarium, and Snowdonia National Park. There are several landmarks that are engineering marvels and they date back many centuries. Some of the wonders of construction are the Pontcysyllte Viaduct, the 200-ft height world heritage site, the Llangollen Canal, another piece of architectural engineering at the border of Wales and
England, Valley Crucis Abbey, the 13th century Catholic Church, the historic Erddig house, and so on.

Staying near so many wonderful structures and historical monuments would prove to be an exhilarating experience that you don’t expect to find in any other place.  Then there is the wonderful and most important town in Wales, Wrexham which is more than worth a visit as it has many things to offer including retail shops, restaurants, pin bowling, and a cinema. Wrexham is historically important as Roman remains, and various other historical sites surround the town. The Monday market held in the town is the biggest in the North Wales country.

A caravan trip to North Wales, therefore, gives you the opportunity of witnessing so many important things of the past in the middle of the lush Wales country and the many manmade parks in and around Wrexham town and the Caravan Sites make a great choice of holiday destination. The North Wales caravan sites are crowded during the season so booking them early would prevent the inconvenience of not getting the space you want to park your vehicle. It could be an excellent experience if you are new and for a couple, it would be a great honeymoon weekend or simply extend it for a few days more for a real treat.