Any event or occasion is not done without entertainment. In case you are looking for something unique and exciting to entertain your guests just call the swing dance patrol that adds a vintage twist to your party and lot of fun with their dance classes and floor shows that would allow your guests to have a wonderful time in your party. The swing patrol is a community of 1,000 enthusiastic dancers who have a passion to teach the swing dance lesson and also perform at events to entertain the audience. They offer a range of packages for the Christmas office parties London or corporate events to break the ice through their dance classes and performance encouraging everyone to shake their leg according to the music. All you need is to hire their services and they shall take care of all the arrangements right from assisting you in finding the perfect venue for your party to the execution of the evening in the best manner.

The swing dance patrol fills the evening with dance lessons, performances and competitions that would also help in team building activities and breaking the barriers of the hierarchy and allowing employees to mingle with one and all that would surely have a positive impact on their productivity. The swing patrol also lit up the dance floor with live bands, floor shows, DJs, bar, hair and makeup to bring in the vintage mood to
the party and conduct dance lessons and competitions to the guests or employees to add lots of fun and entertainment in the party.

The swing patrol also offers swing dance lessons to anyone who are interested to learn this vintage style by conducting classes at different levels based on the learners' skills. There are also one day workshops conducted for the beginners to introduce them to the basics of Lindy Hop, Blues and Solo Charleston right from covering the moves and techniques for those who want to learn but don’t know where to start. If they have it in them, they can learn the swing dance further by joining the classes that are being offered at almost 35 venues in London. Dance classes are conducted for everyone from age groups 18 to 78 years who can enjoy learning dance and also perform at the social dancing venues that surely gives lot of confidence and joy to every dancer.

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