Garden design is not as simple as it looks because several factors determine the way that gardens are planned and executed.  One just don’t wield a brush cutter and start gardening, it is best to study and learn the various basics involved in the formation of a formal garden and then set out to practice these basics until you perfect the art. With garden design courses Bristol you could become a renowned garden design in due course time and start your own business of designing and developing gardens for various homes and business owners. Here we look at how a garden’s features are dominated by several factors:

A garden’s design and shape is determined by its topography where geographical elements like hills, vistas, outcrops, and slopes will be present and the design will have to be created around them. A garden designer will consider these factors and cleverly manipulate them to give shape to a garden. The climate of the location will also decide what kind of plants could be grown in the soil. Some locations will have excessive rain, some moderate and some hardly any, and the plants will need to be chosen accordingly. So the garden designer will choose only the kind of plants pertinent to the location otherwise the venture will fail. The garden setting will also vary from rural location to urban as the styles required for both of them will
hugely differ. The location being windy or sheltered will also influence the type of plants that will be grown on the particular garden.

The success of a garden will depend on the soil on which it is created as different types of soils support different types of vegetation. The plants will be determined by the availability of water and nutrients available in the soil as well as the micro-organisms that thrive in that particular soil. The temperature of the root zone will also decide what you can grow and what you cannot. Garden designers cleverly manipulate soil formation by replacing the existing soil with the preferred one needed to grow the desired plants.

Boundaries are the biggest influence on the existence and development of gardens both externally and internally. Some gardens also influence the boundaries and determine whether they are needed or not. New boundaries can be included to break sections up and the existing boundaries can be altered by growing plants over them. Garden Design Courses Surrey are the things to do if you are inclined to study garden design and the factors that hugely influence garden designs and creations.

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